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August Richards (Charles Gunn), David Boreanaz (Angel), Amy Acker (Fred), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), and writers Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) and Jose Molina (Firefly), took to social media to offer Carpenter support. On March 10, 1997, a television show premiered on The WB that would go on to influence and inspire generations of[...]
August Richards (Charles Gunn) are also taking to social media to proclaim their support of Carpenter. Image: WarnerMedia In Marsters tweet, the actor expresses that playing the character of Spike was an honor- but time on the set "was not without challenges" before sending his love and support to Carpenter and others Following that, Richards also sends[...]
Gunn Makes His First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3... and so does Buffy!
We even saw speculators snapping up copies of Angel #1 once they caught on (you're welcome). But the scope of those plans are even clearer in Angel #3, in store today. The First Appearance (Kinda) of Charles Gunn Lillith shows Fred a glimpse of the world to come and three very important people: The Madwoman: Is this Fred? Could[...]