Gunn Makes a First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3… and so Does Buffy?


Most every issue of Boom! Studios' Angel series has been all about the fanservice had something big in it for fans, including some major First Appearances. We even saw speculators snapping up copies of Angel #1 once they caught on (you're welcome).

But the scope of those plans are even clearer in Angel #3, in store today.

The First Appearance (Kinda) of Charles Gunn

Gunn Makes His First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3... and so does Buffy!

Lillith shows Fred a glimpse of the world to come and three very important people:

  • The Madwoman: Is this Fred? Could it be Dark Willow? Or someone completely new?
  • A Gun: Well, that's definitely Charles Gunn in a cameo. The iconic character played by J. August Richards is a fan favorite and we know Richards has been seen at the Boom offices.

  • Love: That's Buffy…but we know things aren't going to be that easy for them (

Collectors will count this issue as the first cameo of Gunn, but expect to hear Angel #4 announced as the first full appearance of the vigilante vampire hunter.

The NEW Darla?

Gunn Makes His First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3... and so does Buffy!

We also told you that Marius was going to be a big deal and we're getting shades of Darla from the first season of the Angel television series. From the ominous appearance in flashbacks to a romantic relationship with Angelus, it's clear there's some tragedy in store for Angel.

Team Angel is Now a Team

Gunn Makes His First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3... and so does Buffy!

With Fred now firmly a part of Angel's world, it seems like Team Angel is coming together quite nicely… well, until Angel ends up somewhere else. Is this Pylea? Or something tied to the big Buffy & Angel event Hellmouth?

Gunn Makes His First (Cameo) Appearance in Angel #3... and so does Buffy!

Given the emphasis on the word "Hell," it stands to reason this doesn't end well for our brooding hero, even if we know he has a big comic book event this Fall…

(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Dan Panosian
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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