Conan: Haitians Respond to Trumps Very Negative Yelp Review

Conan: Haitians Respond to Trump's "Very Negative Yelp Review"

When Conan host Conan O'Brien took to Twitter a few days ago to let his followers know that he was heading to Haiti, fans of the late-night writer/comedian knew that he was going there to do more than just "explore and make some new friends." Considering the timing of the trip comes not-so-coincidentally on the[...]

The ESA Responds to President Trumps Alleged Racist Remarks

The ESA Responds to President Trump's Alleged Racist Remarks

 Despite backing several of US President Donald Trump's legislative decisions and tax bills, the Entertainment Software Association has come forward to condemn remarks he allegedly made about Haiti and other "shithole countries." The remarks were leaked by attendees of an immigration meeting and were first reported by the Washington Post Multiple witnesses, including Democratic senator Dick Durbin,[...]