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Harvest Moon: One World Announced For Xbox One
Natsume revealed over the weekend that they have a brand new Harvest moon title on the way with Harvest Moon: One World Back on New year's Day, the company released a small blog with some information on what 2020 was like for them as they look ahead to what's coming in the new year Part[...]
Harvest Moon: One World is making its way to PlayStation 4.
Natsume has released a new trailer this week for Harvest Moon: One World, showing off more of the gameplay This is the first major look at how the game will play out as they will be expanding on the old themes and bringing in a ton of new content to expand the game on a[...]
Natsume Reveals Harvest Moon: One World Collector's Edition
Natsume revealed this morning the release of Harvest Moon: One World Collector's Edition coming in January As you might suspect, this is one f those cool package deals that the company is doing through Limited Run Games with a short supply for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch This edition includes a chicken plushie as[...]
Harvest Moon: One World is coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall.
Natsume and Rising Star Games are bringing a whole new Harvest Moon to the Nintendo Switch this fall It's called Harvest Moon: One World, and it's going to be available for both North American and European players when it finally debuts. The game will thrust players into a dark time for those who enjoy farming[...]
"Harvest Moon: Mad Dash" Receives A Release Date
Natsume officially released a new trailer today for Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, revealing a proper release date for the game both digitally and physically We now know the game will officially come out on October 29th on all digital storefronts, while the physical version will be released on November 15th You can see more of[...]
We Gave "Harvest Moon: Mad Dash" A Try During E3 2019
One of the surprise games we ran into during E3 2019 was a new Harvest Moon game from Natsume as they introduced us to Harvest Moon: Mad Dash This is essentially a spinoff title for the series that will not be your typical HM title In fact, this game has more to do with Overcooked[...]
Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Now Has More DLC Packs
Natsume is looking to give you as many options for marriage as possible in Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope, along with some other items you might want to throw into the game as the company is setting up four new DLC packs for the game Aside from the season pass that will cost you $10, the developers[...]
Natsume Inc. Reveals New Additions to Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition
dropped a brand new trailer along with some characters and features today for their upcoming release of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition, coming out in May First off, you'll be getting a new character in  Soleil, a Gem Sprite who has a past "shrouded in mystery", which you'll have to help introduce to everything int[...]
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope's Special Edition Coming to Consoles in May
revealed this week that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will finally be making its way to consoles, as the game is set to be released for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in May 2018 for $40 The Special Edition will contain the original version released on Steam in 2017, along with special features that will only be[...]
'Harvest Moon: Skytree Village' Adds New Content For European Players
is giving Harvest Moon fans in Europe a little something extra and a couple different options to choose from. Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will be receiving a set of DLC packs today Two of them are absolutely free and ready to download the moment you see this post The other two are paid DLC, completely optional, but[...]
I Got Me A Moo-Cow! Visiting With Natsume At E3!
This one is set to come out in the summer! credit//Natsume Next up, we travel back to the farm with Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope In this game, you're a farmer who came to a town that's been ravaged by a storm, to the point where most of it is no longer sustainable This leaves the town[...]