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And yes, that included Ackles dropping the perfect anecdote to explain just how not ready viewers are for the series' take on "Herogasm." The sixth episode of the upcoming season (written by Jessica Chou) is based on the stand-alone miniseries set between Issues #30 and #31 of the comic book series, with Butcher and the crew[...]
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From "Herogasm" and a to-the-point description of Season 3 to the Jensen Ackles/Soldier Boy connection and what the deal is with the Vought News Network (VNN), here's a look at the highlights. Image: Amazon Prime Kripke Makes It Clear: There Is No Topping "Herogasm": "There will be no topping up 'Herogasm.' Now that I've seen the dailies of[...]
The Boys: Homelander really likes milk. (Image: Amazon Prime)
Back in January of this year, Kripke revealed that they would be adapting a storyline from the comics that most thought they wouldn't "dare" to touch: "Herogasm," written by Jessica Chou (Wu Assassins) and set for the third season's sixth episode Set between Issues #30 and #31 of the comic book series, the first stand-alone[...]
The Boys looks to start filming in Early 2021 (Image: Prime Video)
Just recently, it was confirmed by series showrunner/EP Eric Kripke that the stand-alone comic book miniseries "Herogasm" would be adapted as the third season's sixth episode and written by Jessica Chou (Wu Assassins) Then, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) hinted that an appearance this season might just be possible after all Now, Kripke is making[...]
the boys
Well, it looks like he's daring, tweeting a script cover for the sixth episode with the title "Herogasm" being written by Jessica Chou (Wu Assassins). Image: Amazon Prime Set between Issues #30 and #31 of the comic book series and the first stand-alone miniseries, Herogasm finds Butcher and the crew crash Vought's ultra-secret annual supes debauchery-fest otherwise[...]