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american gods
With the series set to return for its third season on Sunday, January 10, the cast of STARZ's live-action series adaptation of author and EP Neil Gaiman's novel are offering viewers some "survival tips" on how to carve out a life in Lakeside- "whether you're here for the winter or here forever." (Image: STARZ) So join Whittle,[...]
American Gods season 3 (Image: STARZ)
One location he will become familiar with is Hinzelmann's General Store (which you can check out in a new image released on Sunday, which we're assuming is being run by Ann-Marie Hinzelmann (Julia Sweeney), the self-appointed mayor of the town- and if she's anything like the novel, she has a knowledge of what makes the[...]
American Gods Season 3 key art (Image: Starz)
To celebrate the actress/comedian's special day, the series shared via its social media accounts a first look at Sweeney's Ann-Marie Hinzelmann, the disarmingly warm one-woman welcome wagon for Shadow when he arrives at Lakeside She's the owner of a small convenience store, a world-famous fishing lure artisan, and the unofficial self-appointed mayor. American Gods is wishing[...]