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Hyundai Unveils Iron Man Themed Kona SUV at San Diego Comic-Con
Comic-Con may seem like it's less about comics every year, but did anyone predict it would turn into a car show? Carmaker Hyundai revealed a new vehicle at the Marvel booth today: the Kona Iron Man Edition, a special version of the SUV "inspired by" the superhero Iron Man The vehicle, according to a press[...]
Earlier this year, we told you about the up-and-coming young star that landed a key role in Marvel Studios' upcoming film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Hyundai Veloster And sure, maybe Hyundai Veloster is more of a car than a movie star, and yes, technically its less a "key role" than a product placement agreement But[...]
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Hyundai Veloster isn't the acting pseudonym of Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B Cebulski It's actually the name of a car And that car has been cast in a major role in the upcoming blockbuster movie from Marvel Studios, Ant-Man and the Wasp. "Fans of Marvel Studios' Ant-Man will soon be introduced to the stylish design and exceptional performance[...]
The Hyundai Racing Challenge At The New York Auto Show Used A PS3 To Run GT6
But test drives aren't really a thing you can put in a convention center, and thus, we got racing pods and now VR all over the place. Hyundai, while an alright company, has been left in the dust Unlike Dodge who used their actual cars as arcade cabinets, Mazda who managed to capture the brief sensation[...]
Batman, Flash And Superman Help Sell Cars
In this odd commercial from Hyundai, the world seems to be falling a part and when a woman screams for help she has three choices to save her: Batman, Superman and The Flash And some how this equates to the three choices you get with the Grandeur with a gasoline, diesel and hybrid options I'm[...]
A Decade Of Walking Dead In Twenty-Two Minutes
A documentary on The Walking Dead, created by Skybound Productions and Hyundai Basically it's an advertorial But it's a really good one DC All Access, pay attention. [youtube][/youtube]   A documentary on The Walking Dead, created by Skybound Productions and Hyundai Basically it's an advertorial[...]