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Inspector Gadget - Mad Time Party Receives A Release Date
Microids and developer WildBrain released a brand new teaser trailer for Inspector Gadget – MAD Time Party, showing the game off a little more Up until now, we've only been seeing screenshots of the new party title, which puts characters from the classic '80s cartoon into new four-player mayhem minigames This trailer, which doesn't even[...]
Inspector Gadget - Mad Time Party Receives A Release Date
Microids has officially given their upcoming party game Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party a release date, as we'll see it come out this September The team has been teasing this one for a while now as you'll take the classic characters from the '80s animated series and compete against each other in party games[...]
Microids Announces Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party
Microids finally revealed the Inspector Gadget title they've been working on as we got a first look at Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party The company got to make a game based on the property after making a deal with the IP owner, WildBrain CPLG, as they developed a brand new party title featuring the[...]
Inspector Gadget is Back! Go Go Gadget Funko Pops!
The iconic 1983 cartoon Inspector Gadget is back as Funko announces a brand new wave of Pop Vinyls The simple-witted inspector is back with his niece Penny with a wave of 3 Pop collectibles that are all ready for action Sadly some of the other iconic characters outside of Penny are not in this wave[...]
Inspector Gadget Cartoon Returns with New Figures from Blitzway
Blitzway is bringing back the 1983 classic cartoon Inspector Gadget This time it will be with their new line of figures that we originally saw during San Diego Comic Con 2019 Today it looks like Blitzway is finally giving us all the details with new photos, prices, and pre-order links As you know Inspector Gadget,[...]
Twitch to Host Inspector Gadget Stream
Today, streaming platform Twitch announced a week-long marathon of Inspector Gadget The stream will air all 65 episodes from the 1983 series from December 17th at 10am PST until December 24th at 9am PST in five-hour blocks You'll find the stream available on Twitch Presents. In case you were unaware, the classic animated TV series follows the[...]
Inspector Gadget Makes Netflix Debut This Week
The classic cartoon series Inspector Gadget is getting new life on Netflix starting this Friday As with the original series, the computer animated version of Gadget will have his niece Penny and her dog Brain to help him out… but the evil forces of M.A.D have their own young ally, Dr Claw's nephew Talon. Inspector Gadget[...]