Iron Danger

Iron Danger Receives One Last Gameplay Trailer

"Iron Danger" Receives One Last Gameplay Trailer

Daedalic Entertainment and Action Squad Studios have released one more trailer for Iron Danger, showing off the gameplay before it comes out this month This one reveals more of the story to you while also showing off more of the game's unique mechanics Especially the one where you can bend and mess with time to[...]

Daedalic Entertainment Will ReleaseIron Danger On March 25th

Daedalic Entertainment Will Release"Iron Danger" On March 25th

Daedalic Entertainment along with Action Squad Studios will be releasing their time-travel tactical RPG game Iron Danger on Steam on March 25th The game has had an intriguing story as it combined Nordic mythology,  steampunk, and tech noir into this amazing RPG title We had a chance to try it out back at E3 last[...]

Daedalic Entertainment Bring Iron Danger To E3 2019

Daedalic Entertainment Bring "Iron Danger" To E3 2019

During E3 this year, we checked in with Daedalic Entertainment to look at the latest game from Action Squad Studios called Iron Danger This game is a tactical RPG that utilizes time and planning in order to get the most out of your experience and keep you alive The game has a timeline mechanic that[...]