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Pop Culture Hounding DC's New 52 Zero Issues – Week 1 With Justin Gray
Chris Thompson writes for Bleeding Cool; "In a move we may well regret, Taylor and I have agreed to cover every single one of DC's New 52 zero issues as they come out! That's right – a full in-depth review of each book to help inform your comic purchases … Best of all it should be[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Sex, Fashion And Lots Of Zeroes
Next week the Zero Issues begin at DC Comics And a rack full of very similar looking comics. Image put out the second issue of Black Kiss II… though it won't get past Her Majesty the Queen. And Avatar Press publish the first issue of the new Alan Moore comic, Fashion Beast. Then next week, Avengers Vs X-Men[...]
An Ending Of Things At DC Comics
Bleeding Cool has been banging on a bit about DC Comics giving their New 52 all zero issues in September, returning to regular numbering in October, to commemorate the one year anniversary of the reboot. DC have not released all their August shipping details To back up our thesis, we could do with a lot of[...]
DC Comics To Launch Zero Issues For The New 52 In September
And that their #13s will run in October instead. That the zero issues will reveal stuff that happened before issue #1 Year Ones, flashbacks, origins. This might be the perfect opportunity, say, in Batgirl to show what happened in South Africa Justice League to show disparate superheroes working a case, but who never meet Batman, to see[...]