The Epic Games Store Adds Apps To Their Platform
The five that have been added for your use are, iHeartRadio, Brave, Krita, and KenShape However, due to its location and music rights, iHeartRadio can only be used in North America All five of them join Spotify (who will launch a Fortnite partnership at 8pm ET tonight), as they plan to incorporate many more[...]
A Mortician's Tale is part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.
Looking for a way to support the Black Lives Matter cause and help end racism? Indie platform has a great way for you to do your part, with plenty of games to sweeten the deal The Bundle for Racial Justice and Inequality is a great way to give to a charity that needs[...]
A Remake of Kojima's P.T. is Available in VR on Now
was removed from the PlayStation store. You can find Unreal PT up on, though it may not stay there for long as most remakes of P.T are subject to IP owner takedowns. Developer RadiusGordello re-created Hideo Kojima's psychological horror game P.T in the Unreal engine with full VR support. Unreal PT has been in development for the last nine months,[...]
The PC Building Simulator has Sold 100,000 Copies
  After a successful tech demo run in, the PC Building Simulator hit Steam Early Access last month and has sold over 100,000 copies so far according to publisher The Irregular Corporation. While the number may not sound like much compared to the more big-budget games that rake in millions of sales over the course of a month,[...]
Beyond-Human Has A Free Public Demo On
An epic Sci-Fi metroidvania with intelligent world design, snazzy visuals, challenging gameplay, great audio and exciting combat. Samus who?" – Calum Fraser (2017), Alpha Beta Gamer "Beyond Human Looks Beyond Cool." – Jahanzeb Khan (2014), HardcoreGamer "Beyond Human is heavy on atmosphere." – Anthony Swinnich (2014), Indie Games "Still waiting for a new 2D Metroid? Take a look at Beyond Human" – Darren[...]
fmv game
So completionists, this is a game for you. Morph Girl will be here to terrify PC gamers on Steam and on August 30th The game's latest trailer is below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Morph Girl Trailer ( Morph Girl is a Japanese horror inspired FMV coming to PC. Elana Pierce is a grieving widow[...]
Arbiter Is The New Game From Developer Of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
They'll use these powers over a large variety of worlds, gaining energies they can channel into upgrading Ashe as they go. Players can start swapping types in fast-paced combat now by grabbing the Arbiter demo from Should players enjoy it, the game is also raising funding on Kickstarter. Arbiter is being developed for PC[...]