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When Marvel Tried To Make An Inhumans Movie 14 Years Ago
Dave Elliott tells me that he was involved with ex-Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad when he tried selling an Inhumans movie to Paramount, based on the Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee Eisner award-winning Marvel Knights series But when Paramount didn't like that, Elliott pitched the Neal Adams/Jack Kirby plot about Black Bolt coming to New York,[...]
Evil Ernie Is Back For Halloween
 The variant covers from Carlos Rafael (Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris), Ardian Syaf (Batgirl), Kyle Hotz (The Hood), and Ken Haeser (The Living Corpse).  An "Old School" variant is supplied by Andrew Mangum and Jae Lee (Batman/Superman, The Dark Tower) provides a special retailer incentive cover. Evil Ernie #1 will be solicited in the August Previews[...]
Win Both An Alex Ross And Jae Lee Shadow #1 Sketch Cover In New Contest
So they've come up with this contest where you can win a set of Alex Ross and Jae Lee The Shadow #1 sketch covers. So what do you have to do? Simple Write a brief essay about one of the three charities involved with the bundle… The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders or[...]
Strange You Can Believe In – Where Are Our Doctor Strange Comics Already?
Show us Mephisto by Jae Lee, The Mindless Ones by Marcos Martin (with his Steve Ditko inspired art) or the down right insanity that would be Chris Bachalo drawing Shuma-Gorath! No matter how I type that my spell check goes off A true sign of evil I think. Midnight Sons Revisited? No? How can you not like[...]
Enter The Turok / Jae Lee Contest For Fans And Retailers – Details Here
The first is for fans and the winner gets a Jae Lee original sketch of the above mentioned characters The second is for retailers who can win the original art for the subscription only Jae Lee variant cover for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1.  For the fans: One lucky fan will be awarded with an original sketch featuring[...]
Bryan Hitch, Sean Gordon Murphy And Jae Lee For New Mark Millar Comics
From Mark Millar's Image Comics interview, talking about nine of ten new Millarworld titles planned over the next three years, he mentions three artists. Sean Gordon Murphy, Jae Lee, Bryan Hitch Well, we had identified one of them, albeit for the wrong project… But Millar was ambitious talking about how not only will these stories tie in together[...]
You Can Win 1 of 10 Jae Lee Sketches In Honor Of Dynamite's 10th Anniversary
2014 is Dynamite Entertainment's 10th anniversary, but they're closing out 2013 by offering up the chance for fans to win one of ten original sketches by Eisner Award-winner Jae Lee (Batman/Superman, Dark Tower) Lee will create a black-and-white head sketch of any Dynamite character for the lucky winners Sketches will be sent out in late[...]
Batman/Superman #3 Gives Us The Earliest Origins Of Their Bromance
In today's battle between Batman and Superman from the New 52 and Earth Two past, in hyperdetailed and stylised gorgeousness from Jae Lee, we get an early meeting of the pair from a different world, drawn by Yidilray Cinar, or a much simpler world. The relationship between Batman and Superman has been a favourite for slash[...]
ECCC: Jae Lee And Before Watchmen In The Marvel Style
Gavin Lees writes; Jae Lee made a rare convention appearance at this year's Emerald City Comicon, so I took the opportunity to speak to him about his work on the controversial Before Watchmen series, and what he has planned for the upcoming Superman and Batman series for DC.  Jae graciously answered my questions while entertaining a[...]
Batman/Superman – Thursday Trending Topics
 Superman #76, the first real team-up of the two from 1952 (and an outstanding story it is), has long been one of my favorite Golden Age comics, so I'm looking forward to the latest incarnation of this pairing in Batman/Superman: Now, according a USA Today article written with DC Comics, Batman/Superman is to be a new book by Greg Pak making his[...]
Len Wein, The Outer Limits And Rewriting Watchmen
Tomorrow, DC Comics publish Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #5 by Len Wein and Jae Lee Wein was one of the three editors of the original Watchmen, with Dick Giordano and Barbara Kesel also editing the book for periods of time Because Wein resigned over the ending. Len Wein has spoken out about his unhappiness over it in[...]
Saturday Runaround – Comics Are Still Not Just For Kids Anymore
Jae Lee will be doing similar (with their Jae Lee exclusive cover of Masks #1) on the 28th. MEDIA DISCOVER COMICS ONE MORE TIME Partly as a result of the Costa Book Awards nominating two graphic novels on their 2012 short list, the media has been discovering comic books again Apparently some of them aren't just for[...]
Before Ozymandias – Dynamite Signs Up Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt
Specifically Ozymandias, currently being recreated by Len Wein and Jae Lee. Coincidentally, Jae Lee has been doing a lot of cover work for Dynamite Entertainment lately And he's one of the people drawing covers for his book As is Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, Alex Ross, John Cassaday and Ardian Syaf. While Charlton Comics was sold to DC[...]
The Before Watchmen Reviews Are In. From Some People.
The visuals are amazing. MTV: What I saw of Jae Lee's "Ozymandias" was so trippy it looked like it was smoked out of somebody's magic pipe, the images a fever-dream that literally bent and swayed across the page. CBS: his does seem like another "fill in the plot points" type book, which is fine if that's what[...]
Ozymandias #2 Cover Is Just A Little Bit Kinky
But we didn't run this one for Ozymandias #2, with Jae Lee showing Ozymandias in a compromising position DC gave that one to Out Magazine Or course they did.In the original Watchmen series, the covers formed the very first panel of the comic, the narrative continuing directly afterwards I wonder if that will be the[...]
Win Your Own Alex Ross And Jae Lee Original Sketch Cover Of The Shadow #1
Visually it's rather faithful to earlier versions, while the writing gives us a hard pulp take on the character. But what if The Shadow could look like anything? Dynamite have prepared a series of hand sketched covers by Alex Ross and Jae Lee, some of which have been going for $2000 and $800 a piece, and arrived[...]
C2E2: The Dynamite Panel – "Kevin Smith Will Not Touch Something Just For Money
It is a sequel to the Mark Millar and Jae Lee story from 2005 Barrucci said, "You will get that original story in the first edition along with the new story." Next up were the Mars titles Napton talked about writing Warriors of Mars, starring Gullivar Jones Napton said, "The character of Gullivar Jones actually predated[...]
Sixteen Alex Ross Original Sketch Covers For The Shadow #1
Retailers could get one of these Alex Ross hand sketched covers for The Shadow for every 250 issues of The Shadow #1 they ordered from Dynamite Entertainment. One retailer has already sold his for $2000, plans to sell a Jae Lee sketch cover for $800, and any of the copies he ordered that he doesn't sell,[...]
Dynamite Resurrects Mark Millar And Jae Lee's Witchblade: The Demon
A few years ago, before they got into publishing comics properly as Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamic Forces would occasionally publish an original comic, shorter than a usual comic, for about twice the price, using name talent and a name franchise, and marketing it as a collectible. One such comic was Witchblade: Demon by Mark Millar and Jae[...]
Jae Lee Illustrates Stephen King's Dark Tower Novel
The Wind Through The Keyhole is an upcoming Dark Tower novel from Stephen King, out now in a limited illustrated version before its mass market version in April. And he has recruited the artist of the Dark Tower comic books, Jae Lee, to provide illustrations Probably what Lee was doing before Before Watchmen. Here are a few… [...]
Alex Ross On Flash Gordon, Kirby Genesis Silver Star And A Whole Book Of Covers
Other covers will be by Mark Buckingham and Jae Lee. Dynamite describes the series thus; Before Kirby: Genesis there was… The Silver Star!  The last great Kirby creation, Morgan Miller is the first of a new breed– Homo-Geneticus.  The most powerful man in the world has been living in secret for the last[...]
Swipe File: ROD Vs Brian Bolland, Mike Deodato And Friends…
Here's a certain Mike Deodato swipe… UPDATE: A couple more, from Leinil Yu and Jae Lee And the others all seem very familiar and can be identified as certain artists… can anyone provide the specific swipes in question? In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree[...]