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BBC Launches A New Doctor Who Daleks Animated Series With Joe Sugg
This is the final announced chapter in the Time Lord Victorious crossover that began with the Doctor Who comic book, continued with the Doctor Who Annual and has books, audio, immersive experiences and toys to come. BBC Launches A New Doctor Who Daleks Animated Series With Joe Sugg Daleks! is a five-part CGI animation written by Time[...]
Doctor Who: Timelord Victorious SDCC Panel Talks Cross-Platform Plans
In attendant were comics writer Jody Hauser, artist Roberta Ingranata, colourist Enrica Eren Angiolini, Titan editor Jake Devine, and BBC producer James Goss, who designed and oversaw the whole venture. "Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious" Panel, SDCC The panel talked about the legacy of the show, of course The older members spoke about the generational legacy of[...]
Guy Adams Takes The Doctor's Most Faithful Companion In A New Direction – The Revolution Of Bernice Summerfield
The entire play is presented through this, occasionally unreliable and contradictory footage. Finally James Goss, producer of the whole series and Champion of All, offers the most thoughtful and horrifying Dalek story you can imagine. It's a real mixture, laughs, explosions, tears and DALEKS. AS: The Bernice stories have always had an interesting combination of standalone and internal[...]