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Jeff Kaplan Gives An Overwatch Developer Update From Home

We all may be in self-quarantine, but that didn't stop Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan from giving an Overwatch Developer Update Recorded at his house with an iPhone taped to a cardboard box, Kaplan sat down and gave us one of his usual straight-to-camera updates about the game, even though he and much of the Blizzard staff are[...]

Sigma Officially Added To The "Overwatch" PTR Serv

"Overwatch" Releases A Dev Video For Experimentation & Hero Pools

This week, Blizzard has released a brand new developer diary for Overwatch, featuring game direct Jeff Kaplan as he goes over experimentation and Hero Pools Kaplan basically goes over the major additions and changes coming to the next Overwatch patch, which will be 1.45 in early February The biggest topic in the group, which they[...]

Jeff Kaplan Doesn't Want To Add Hero Bans To "Overwatch"

Jeff Kaplan Doesn't Want To Add Hero Bans To "Overwatch"

These discussions caught the eye of Overwatch's game director, Jeff Kaplan, who took to the Blizzard forums to talk about it and reaffirm that he is reluctant to add hero bans to the game You can read the full post here, but we have a few of the more important snippets for you below.[caption id="attachment_1124578"[...]

"Overwatch" Takes More Drastic Steps To Curb Cheating In New Update

In the latest Developer Update video from Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan talks about the new system they have currently running on the PTR servers that are designed to stop cheating in games, or at the very least, prevent cheaters from capitalizing on cheats According to the video below, once the system detects a player is using[...]

Overwatch Celebrates Anniversary with New Player Count

The update also features Jeff Kaplan going into depth about the new ma Petra, the launch of a Free-for-All Competitive Deathmatch Season, and the oddly amazing news that this year's Anniversary Loot Boxes can contain items from past seasonal events, so not just last year's Anniversary swag.'s a lot of info to take it, but it shows[...]


Jeff Kaplan Would Love a Battle Royale Mode in Overwatch, but Don't Expect One

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has talked about the possibility of a Battle Royale mode in the game and says the idea excites him, but that we probably shouldn't expect anything like it anytime soon.Battle Royale is everywhere right now The PUBG and Fortnite steam trains are still rolling pretty fast and others are already jumping on[...]

Blizzard Is Using Social Media To Hunt Down Toxic Overwatch Players

Well, according to the latest Developer Update video below, you'll need to start watching what you say on social media and video-related websites.According to Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard is now using social media to actively track down users who exhibit toxic behavior We're not talking about your standard "Mercy is broken" grief, we're talking outright vitriol[...]

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Jeff Kaplan Says Overwatch's Next Hero Is "Meta Changing"

Whenever Jeff Kaplan speaks on the subject of Overwatch, people tend to listen because he doesn't really add a lot of unnecessary junk to what he says When he tells you a hero is getting nerfed, there's a reason why (Although, I would really love to hear why Mercy needs to be tweaked every three[...]

Jeff Kaplan Calls Out Infamous Overwatch Troll On Their Forums

As an Overwatch player and fan, I have respect for Jeff Kaplan for two reasons First, he talks like a cool gamer in every respect and tries not to be standard "corporate dude" trying to act cool And second, to put it bluntly, Kaplan doesn't take shit from anyone! If you frequent the Overwatch forums,[...]

Jeff Kaplan Drops Some Hints To The Next 'Overwatch' Hero

In an interview with IGN, Overwatch's director Jeff Kaplan said that hero #26 would be on the way, but that they are "not coming out as soon as you think" Kaplan went on to say the hero is very playable but refused to give any real direction as to where the development team was taking the[...]

Big News For 'Overwatch' As "Deathmatch" Will Be Added

that all changes.[caption id="attachment_621280" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Blizzard[/caption]In the latest Developer Update video that just went up, Jeff Kaplan announced that Deathmatch is on the way Specifically, it will be added to the Arcade as an option for you to play with friends and other competitors, but will not be available as an option in Free[...]

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Jeff Kaplan Says 'Overwatch' Is Currently Balanced

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums yesterday to address the ever constant complaint about nerfing characters What fans got was a very candid opinion from one of the most active directors in gaming today, with some unexpected opinions people may or may not enjoy In short, he believes that at this moment,[...]

The Reason Why 'Overwatch' Removed Match Ratings

The answer they got probably didn't make them feel any better.Jeff Kaplan, never one to shy away from a topic (except when it comes to Loot Boxes) responded very bluntly with an answer we could have told you ourselves Simply put: people who lost rated matches poorly while people who won rated them highly[...]

Jeff Kaplan Talks About The New 'Overwatch' Map As It Goes Into Testing

Today on the latest Developer Update video from Blizzard and Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan goes into greater detail over the request for new maps and story, as well as what you can expect to see in the new map teased yesterday: Horizon Lunar Colony.But that's not the only good news to come from the company[...]

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Despite Popularity, 'Overwatch' Won't Be Adding Any New Events In Year Two

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan took part in a moderator run subreddit interview that Blizzard will focus more on refining the events they already created and not produce any new ones in the coming year.The team are already creating special events to fill in the gaps between seasons and are making sure to avoid "event fatigue" by[...]

You Know Your Game Is Popular When… Jeff Kaplan Sings

Jeff Kaplan, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment and Game Director for Overwatch, can knock this off the bucket list In the same way Jimmy Fallon used to make Brian Williams rap, a Youtube user named Dinoflask has made Kaplan sing a parody of Smash Mouth's song All-Star that talks about being Platinum ranked in Overwatch[...]

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan On The Issue Of Diversity

Yet you talk to someone like Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard Entertainment, and diversity has been the driving force behind their 25 million player strong game Overwatch Kaplan was speaking to Kotaku shortly after the Marvel story broke and was asked about the diverse characters in the game and fan reaction.“I think the way that we’ve[...]

The Making Of Orisa – The Newest Hero Of Overwatch

Overwatch is rolling out a new hero, Orisa. Sometimes learning how a character came about is as much fun as playing them. Here Blizzard has put together a new behind-the-scenes video on how Orisa came to be. Orisa activates on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 21, 2017. can't be loaded because JavaScript […]