Blizzard Is Using Social Media To Hunt Down Toxic Overwatch Players

We've all done it once or twice in the time we've played Overwatch. Getting a little angry or frustrated, maybe said something we shouldn't have, coming just a wee bit too close to being one of those trolls who spread salt everywhere like they own a salt mine. For many players, that's where it ends. But some like to take their aggression out on social media, even hunting down the players they fought against or just screaming at Overwatch's official Twitter page or making a long tirade on YouTube. Well, according to the latest Developer Update video below, you'll need to start watching what you say on social media and video-related websites.

According to Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard is now using social media to actively track down users who exhibit toxic behavior. We're not talking about your standard "Mercy is broken" grief, we're talking outright vitriol and hate that would normally get people suspended and banned if they said or wrote it in the game itself. Kaplan also touches on the report system for consoles, which until last fall, was practically non-existent. But since being implemented has caused abuse to go down 17% with reports going up 20%. Not to mention the nifty little alert letting you know that someone you complained about has been banned when you log in. The video is worth a watch if for anything, to put all the would-be trolls on notice.

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