Jeff Kaplan Gives An Overwatch Developer Update From Home

We all may be in self-quarantine, but that didn't stop Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan from giving an Overwatch Developer Update. Recorded at his house with an iPhone taped to a cardboard box, Kaplan sat down and gave us one of his usual straight-to-camera updates about the game, even though he and much of the Blizzard staff are sitting at home. Kaplan gave us a few nuggets of info and wisdom about what's happening in the game right now, starting with the communication wheel. If you're not familiar with this, it's the wheel of choices you can pull up for character dialog to chat with people to put in specific catchphrases for fun or command the troops with orders or requests from people. According to Kaplan, the wheel is getting an update so that there are new lines incoming for the wheel. All 32 voice actors have recorded new content for their wheels so you have a new variety of options to speak with people and get your point across. Hopefully, more of them will be funny.

A few new changes are in the works for Overwatch.
A few new changes are in the works for Overwatch.

The other big item to come out of this discussion revolves around queue times. As you may know from playing the game in the past few months, it seems like getting a game going is becoming harder to do with people constantly dipping in and out of lobbies or jumping out of games, or simply just being avoided by certain players who don't want to work with others. According to Kaplan, one of the things they're working on is driving down the times to queue people up for the game. You can check out more of what he had to say about the changes coming to the game that they're working on. Also, you can dive into the PTR and see some of the changes they've already made.

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