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Nineteen San Diego Comic Con Panels In Audio As Well As The Eisner Awards

Jamie Colville, bless his cotton socks, recorded the audio from nineteen panels from San Diego Comic Con as well as the Eisner Awards. And here they all are. You can see pictures here and here as well. [audio:] How to Get News Coverage for Small Press Publishers (50:52, 46.5mb) This was moderated by Rik Offenberger […]

DC Wins Big Against Estate Of Jerry Siegel Over Ownership Of Superman

I love Superman, and yet, in my mind, he's been twisted around into some kind of alien thing." - Jerry Siegel The US Appeal courts have ruled in favour of Warner Bros and DC Entertainment in the dispute with the heirs of Jerry Siegel over the rights and ownership to Superman and enforces the 2001 contract[...]

Warner Bros. Win In Shuster Family Superman Case – UPDATED With Full Ruling

are currently contesting the 2008 ruling that saw 50% of the Superman rights handed to the heirs of Jerry Siegel, and that hearing is set for November 5th.This Kryptonian Bleak House might finally be about to reach its final chapter.UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter have now published their story on the case, including the full ruling for[...]

New Twist In The Fight For Superman: $600,000 For Shuster's Half?

In 1999--after Congress amended copyright statute to grant additional statutory heirs termination rights, and after learning that Jerry Siegel's heirs had served Superman copyright termination notices on DC--Jean reiterated her commitment "to honor" the 1992 Agreement, and again asked for a bonus:I have learned from the Internet that Joanne Siegel has filed copyrigh claim for[...]

Now Grant Morrison Tackles DC, Siegel And Shuster In Action Comics?

It's all going a bit meta. The other week, Joe Michael Straczynski spoke to Aint It Cool News and said, talking about Before Watchmen. But how is it any more wrong than the way any comics creators were treated, especially those who came out of the Golden and Silver Age? Worse than Jack Kirby, who […]

The Check That Bought Superman For $130 Sells At Auction For $160,000

The check used by Detective Comics, Inc (the company which was to become DC Comics) to buy the rights for Superman from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster  for $130 on March 1, 1938 has just sold at auction from comics & related collectable auction house Comic Connect for $160,000.One of the most significant comic-related artifacts to ever surface for a[...]

For Sale At Auction: The Check That Bought Superman

In October 2011, the comics industry was stunned by the news that an unimaginably important artifact of our history had surfaced nearly 75 years after it had been issued:  The check used by Detective Comics, Inc (the company which was to become DC Comics, of course) to buy the rights for Superman from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster  for $130[...]

Friday Trending Topics: Revisiting The Strange Visitor From Another Planet

Action Comics volume 1 number 1 page 1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster is the big bang of the comic book multiverse It's the start of everything we know, and evidence of it can be detected everywhere you look, all these years later  That page has been expanded and stretched and cut apart and[...]

The Stock Exchange – Selling Superman For Super Dollars

As for their Action Comics #276, at CGC 9.6 it is the highest graded copy to date, and is currently at $1,550 with 12 hours remaining.Lastly, with all the focus being on Superman and Jerry Siegel-related memorabilia, it’s easy to gloss over the spectacular copies of the Amazing Spider-Man found in these auctions There are[...]

Superman, DC Comics v. Pacific Pictures Corp, And The Toberoff Timeline

 So I asked Zaid for his thoughts on this most recent development, and he told me, "This current incantation of the Superman litigation offers a fascinating glimpse into an area that would otherwise have been normally closed off to the public; the attorney-client relationship between Marc Toberoff and the heirs of Superman co-creators Jerry Siegel and[...]

Monday Trending Topics: The $130 Superman Line Item

The check that DC Comics used to buy Superman has to be one of my favorite bits of comic history to surface in quite some time. I have a hunch we'll be hearing learning more about this in the days to come. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Fanboy Rampage: Comic Con Vs Mens Fitness It was […]

Deal Of The Century: The Check That DC Comics Used To Buy Superman

It has long been part of the record of comic book history that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold the rights for Superman to Detective Comics, Inc (the company which was to become DC Comics, of course) for $130.Here is the March 1, 1938 check that DC Comics publisher and accountant Jack Liebowitz issued to[...]

Up For Auction: Jerry Siegel's Hair

And to think that during the early years when I sought the get the character before the public, scoffing editors called it a hair-brained idea." 8/19/77 Jerry SiegelJerry was very interested in history and the legacies left behind by famous people On a trip to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC he and his wife[...]

Action Comics #1 CGC 6.5 Sells For $625,000

 In 1938, Action Comics 1 introduced the world to Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, changed the world of comics and all of entertainment, and over the subsequent 73 years Superman has become one of the world's best-known fictional characters.Two copies have sold for a million dollars or more in recent times --  last year, a[...]