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The Mount Rushmore Of The Comic Industry
I don't think there is a question of whether he belongs on the monument but I think some folks may agree begrudgingly. Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster – Together they created the first superhero, the one that created a genre, an icon for Truth, Justice and the American Way It's hard to argue the importance of[...]
Jerry Fine, The Man Who Made Superman Happen Dies At Age 97
Fine had a unique role in the creation of Superman, he's the one that brought Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster together in the first place. Fine went to school with Shuster in the 30s They worked together on the school paper doing a comic strip called Jerry The Journalist that depicted Fine as a grasshopper[...]
Steve Mannion and the Salvation of the Comic Book Industry
From the independent boom of the 80's to the retro fun of the Silver Age, heck, even going back to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, inventors of Superman and the modern superhero, good comics come from having fun and an earnest desire to entertain. The other approach is simply treading water until market fatigue drowns us[...]
1940's Superman Day At The World's Fair Color Footage
And finally, (2:25) the guy in the blue suit and glasses is a young Jerry Siegel I got the link to the youtube video from Mark who I believe got it from the great Mark Evanier. [youtube][/youtube] If you haven't seen this then definitely click the link This is the first public appearance of Superman back[...]
Even Superman's Coins Are Lenticular – And In French Kryptonian
The Royal Canadian Mint are minting 50 cent coins, each with a lenticular "tails" side, featuring Superman in 1938 and 2013, the art of Jerry Siegel and Jim Lee respectively, depending which angle you hold the coin Oh and Kryptonian letters that officially read 75 Years Of Superman But get this, because it's Canada, they[...]
DC Wins Big Against Estate Of Jerry Siegel Over Ownership Of Superman
I love Superman, and yet, in my mind, he's been twisted around into some kind of alien thing." – Jerry Siegel The US Appeal courts have ruled in favour of Warner Bros and DC Entertainment in the dispute with the heirs of Jerry Siegel over the rights and ownership to Superman and enforces the 2001 contract[...]
New Twist In The Fight For Superman: $600,000 For Shuster's Half?
In 1999–after Congress amended copyright statute to grant additional statutory heirs termination rights, and after learning that Jerry Siegel's heirs had served Superman copyright termination notices on DC–Jean reiterated her commitment "to honor" the 1992 Agreement, and again asked for a bonus: I have learned from the Internet that Joanne Siegel has filed copyrigh claim for[...]