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The Spider-Woman #1 (Marvel, 1978)
Despite being a character created for the most corporate of reasons (according to a 1978 Stan Lee interview, Marvel was essentially looking to defend their Spider-Turf) Jessica Drew is a character who has won people over.  Marvel writer Marv Wolfman, who initially assumed the idea was "one big joke" was so impressed after seeing the[...]
Spider-Woman #13 Review: Fast-Paced Humor
In Spider-Woman #13, Jessica Drew has an exciting life as she works both as a single mother to a precocious, powered toddler and continues her costumed adventures as Spider-Woman Through a complex series of events, she snagged a disk containing all the secrets of the High Evolutionary intended to help her, her son, and maybe[...]
Spider-Woman #100, Which Is Also Spider-Woman #5, Coming in October
Here's how it's going to work: in a move that couldn't be a more Marvel thing to do, the company is paying homage to Jessica Drew's long legacy by printing "#100" on the cover to commemorate 100 collective issues of Spider-Woman titles, while keeping the new renumbering of the current arc The double-sized issue, which[...]