Spider-Woman #13 Review: Fast-Paced Humor

In Spider-Woman #13, Jessica Drew has an exciting life as she works both as a single mother to a precocious, powered toddler and continues her costumed adventures as Spider-Woman. Through a complex series of events, she snagged a disk containing all the secrets of the High Evolutionary intended to help her, her son, and maybe even her long-lost brother defeat a genetic affliction that could harm them all. The bad part is that an increasingly intense series of bad guys for hire are after the disk, and they aren't willing to play by the rules.

Spider-Woman #13 Review: Fast-Paced Humor
Spider-Woman #13 Cover. Credit: Marvel

Much like her work in the recent Amazing Spider-Man Annual, this script by Karla Pacheco has a lot of fast-paced humor and even more fast-paced action. Likewise, the visual storytelling from Pere Perez, Frank D'armata, and Travis Lanham is gripping and fascinating to watch.

However, there are challenges here: watching Fireball and Bruiser show up and get, basically, smacked around while running through a ridiculous and increasingly labyrinthine set of challenges is cute, but not really the most engaging thing going because the stakes are fairly abstract — the data on the disk is one step removed from the fates of the people, and it's data, it can be copied. As such, watching these somewhat slapstick super-heroics is interesting but not wholly engaging. This is a solid comic book, with well-done applications of craft from everyone involved, but its confectionary tone belied the seriousness of its subject. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Spider-Woman #13
By Karla Pacheco, Pere Perez
THE MOST ACTION-PACKED SPIDER-WOMAN ISSUE YET! A who's who of Marvel Mercenaries want something that Jess has (and NEEDS), so Jess has to fight Lady Bullseye and more to secure this treasured possession. This fight will take Jess across NYC in the most intense, issue-long action sequence you've ever read!

Spider-Woman #13

Spider-Woman #13 Review: Fast-Paced Humor
Review by Hannibal Tabu

A lighthearted take on home invasions, mercenaries, and property damage for Jessica Drew as she faces off against … well, who it is doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

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