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Jessica Chastain Joins Painkiller Jane

Deadline is reporting that has signed on to star in Painkiller Jane based on the graphic novel series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada.The film is about Jane Vasko, a NYPD cop who gets pulled in by the FBI to infiltrate a drug and human trafficking ring In a near death experience, Jane gains regenerative abilities that makes her[...]

Get John Carpenter's Tales Of Halloween Night Vol 2 Early At NYCC 2016

The second volume consists of 12 new stores.This anthology includes works from all of the following artists and writers who will be signing at the Storm King booth # 2304: Tim Bradstreet (Punisher), Sandy King Carpenter (They Live), Cat Staggs (Wonder Woman ‘77), Jimmy Palmiotti (Harlequin), Steve Hoevke (Thor), Janice Chiang (Impulse), Dennis Calero (X-men Noir),[...]

14 Creators Working On Dark Horse Presents #26 And An Exclusive Preview

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Keith Goldberg, Kaare Andrews, John Arcudi, Alan Gordon, Rich Woodall, Paul Levitz are joined by artists Aaron Campbell, Troy Nixey, Lucas Varela, Bo Hampton, Craig Rousseau, Tim Hamilton This month’s issue of Dark Horse Presents features three new stories: Black Sinister by Kaare Andrews and Troy Nixey, Espirits de Corps by[...]

The Unpredictable Harley Quinn And Amanda Conner Health Update

Suicide Squad: Most WantedBy Marilyn WeissHarley Quinn fans have a lot of comics to look forward to in the comic months.Panelists Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin, Jim Lee, Phillip Tan and Rob Williams sat down to discuss just what makes our favorite villains so darn likable Ultimately, it comes down to the unpredictability[...]

Twizzlers, Marvel, Tony Bennett And Jimmy Palmiotti

He was running behind and out of nowhere, I hear this voice asking me, "How would you like a Twizzler?"I look to my left ready to say “No” to unsolicited Twizzler pushers until I realized it was Jimmy Palmiotti, leaving his booth and his wife, Amanda Conner to check on the people in line for[...]

Jimmy Palmiotti On The Harley Quinn Comic You Can Only Get From Loot Crate

And most surprising, was that Amanda Conner had drawn most of it.Co-writer of the comic, Jimmy Palmiotti didn't know the distribution details But he was happy to talk about how he came to write what may well be the most widespread, yet sought after comic of the year.---Rich Johnston: How do you craft a comic for[...]

Jimmy Palmiotti's Latest Kickstarter Is On 94%…. So Close!

At the time of writing, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey need a measly $1,547 to hit their Kickstarter goal for their new comic book Hype.Hype, by the way, was Richard Branson's second choice name for his company line, Virgin True.This, however, is very different A twist on DC's Hourman character, Noah Haller is HYPE, a last[...]

In-Store Convention Event Schedule And Guest Update

Top creators will be on hand for a day of interviews and major publishers will have panels about their upcoming books and editorial plans.Featured guests include comic creators Marguerite Bennett, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Tyler Crook, Mike Deodato, Matt Fraction, Christopher Hastings, Matt Hawkins, Dan Jurgens, Ryan North, Rick Remender, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stjepan Sejic, Randy Stradley,[...]

Fundraising Efforts To Help Out The Flooded 2 Tone Comics

Anything you can do to help them become a viable business again will be most welcome.You can get in touch here. They've already had promises of support from Jimmy Palmiotti and Gail Simone. Bleeding Cool has run a couple of stories on 2 Tone Comics, the comic shop in Hebden Bridge near Leeds that was the[...]

A More Realistic Harley Quinn? Super Zero #1 Is A Power Fantasy For The Wannabe

Super Zero is a new comic launching today from Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Rafael De Latorre, Marcelo Maiolo and John J Hill from new publisher After Shock Comics.It's about a talented student from a nice, normal middle class family with reasonable parents who understand what it's like to be young.Which is terrible if you want[...]

The First Blank Speech Balloon Cover Variant, For Palmiotti And Conner's Super Zero

Plenty of folk do black sketch variant covers, comics that people can get artists to sketch a new cover for, right on the front.Not much fun for the writers though.Well, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are looking to fix that, with a variant cover of their new comic for Aftershock, Super Zero #1.Through Jimmy's production company[...]

Jimmy Palmiotti Talks Creative Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

All the while humming a certain David Bowie tune.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMQ0Ryy01yEIn the comments section of the last such column, a number of commentators bemoaned the inability of certain creators to stick to a book.Writer, artist and producer Jimmy Palmiotti chimed in, What happens here is life gets in the way[...]

Watch For Amanda Conner's Art On Tonight's Big Bang Theory

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmotti introduced the cast of The Big Bang Theory to the DC Universe back in Power Girl. Tonight, the favour is returned. Jimmy Palmotti wrote, So tonight on BIG BANG THEORY, Amanda did an original piece for the show that will be featured on it. Check it out, tonight on the […]

NYCC '15: ComiXology Submit Offers A Self-Publishing Alternative

Panelists included Eric Palicki, Hope Nicholson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jody Houser, Joe Glass, John D Roberts, Natasha Alterici, and was officiated by ComiXology Vice President of Communications and Marketing Chip Mosher.ComiXology is an Amazon owned company that provides a massive selection of digital comics for download anywhere on almost any device The format offers reading tools[...]

NYCC '15: How Harley Quinn Conquered The World…. And Beavers

By Ale BoddenAfter sitting through an amazing panel for the upcoming Assassins Creed comic book that Titan Entertainment is putting out, I was able to snag a good seat at a panel involving one of my favorite female characters ever: Harley Quinn! The panel was moderated by journalist/editor Abraham Riesman, and joining him on stage[...]

Does This Jessica Jones Teaser Remind You A Little Of The Pro?

Jessica Jones is the new Netflix show set in the Marvel Universe, and based on the comic book Alias by Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos.This is a released teaser scene....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ3s178GW0QDoes it remind anyone of a certain scene in The Pro by Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti?Beat for beat..[...]

Jimmy Palmiotti, The Smartest Man In Comics?

We have pointed out just how smart Jimmy Palmiotti is before now How he uses Kickstarter to fund otherwise unlikely-to-be-published graphic novels How he did his own deal with Kindle, instead of taking the group Image Comics deal through Graphic.ly, so when that company collapsed and comparable terms couldn't be negotiated directly with Amazon, his[...]