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Star Wars: Thrawn #1 cover by Paul Renaud
Even when he is captured, you are left to wonder if that was intentional. Jody Houser and Luke Ross can play to subtlety very well This is not a comic with overwrought dialogue and thought captioning You're introduced to Thrawn as you are introduced to the legends of the Chiss He lives up to those legends,[...]
starcraft scavengers
Written by Jody Houser with art by Gabriel Guzmán, the comic is set to hit stores on July 25th. Dark Horse has previously published other books based on Blizzard properties, such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch Check out the description below: Writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars) join forces for StarCraft:[...]
Star Wars Thrawn Alliances Cover
That will be written by Jody Houser and penciled by Luke Ross. I enjoyed Thrawn I wonder how much fun it is for Zahn to reinvent this character for the new canon I got to briefly meet him at Star Wars Celebration this past April when the novel came out, and he seemed to really be[...]
Breaking: Jody Houser Adapting Timothy Zahn's Thrawn For Marvel's Star Wars Comics
Revealed at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel at San Diego Comic Con today, Jody Houser will adapt Timothy Zahn's latest Thrawn novel for Marvel Comics No word yet on who the artist will be. Released back in April, Thrawn sees Zahn, writer of the original Thrawn trilogy, return to the character The description of the novel reads: One of[...]
Thought Bubble Anthology 2017 Features Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone (VISUAL UPDATE)
And creators in attendance – or at least contributing to the anthology -include Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone, and many more. All profits from the anthology will go to the children's charity Barnardos. The sixth Thought Bubble Anthology is being rush solicited through[...]
Jody Houser Takes Miss Moneypenny Into The Field
Now, as Dynamite expands on the Bond Universe, Jody Houser (Faith) and artist Jacob Edgar are creating the first ever James Bond: Monneypenny one-shot. Hitting stores August 30th, James Bond: Moneypenny focuses on what was intended to be a 'routine' protection mission for Moneypenny, until she uncovers a complicated assassination plot that bears a striking and[...]
Faith And Friends, Saving The Future In Faith And The Future Force
The new series by Jody Houser, Stephen Segovia and Barry Kitson will feature Neela Sethi, Timewalker needing to put together a team of heroes and Faith has to lead them The new series kicks off this July. Check out all of the announcements from the Valiant Summit here. FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 Written by JODY HOUSER Art[...]
Faith #8 Touches On Today's Issues With Subtlety And Cynacism
With this eight issue by Jody Houser, Joe Eisma and Margurite Sauvage, the story of Faith Herbert touches on her guilt for being alive while those she loved have sacrificed themselves and/or died Death can affect people in different ways, and for some people the expectation that they must do something good with their life[...]
Faith #10 Offers "Faithless" Jumping On Point, Four Covers, More Joe Eisma Art
If you're one of the fans who held off on checking out Faith, even when Valiant shipped double the number of ordered Faith #5s (the one with the Hillary Clinton appearance Bleeding Cool published something like 37 articles about), then this is the time to do it, we suppose. To entice you, Valiant is giving you[...]
The Comics Industry Talks – Breaking Into Comics
That's it. — Matthew Rosenberg (@AshcanPress) January 17, 2017 My breaking into comics advice: Put in the workDon't be a jerk — Jody Houser ✒️🗯️🎲 (@Jody_Houser) January 17, 2017 Breaking into comics: team up and tag team! Good collaborations are gold — Caspar Wijngaard (@Casparnova) January 17, 2017 So yeah[...]