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Knights Of Badassdom Coming To VOD Next February But Its Not Joe Lynchs Cut

Knights Of Badassdom Coming To VOD Next February, But It's Not Joe Lynch's Cut

Good news: Knights of Badassdom is finally going to be released - On Demand and streaming beginning on February 11th, 2014, reports Dread Central.Bad news: It is indeed the "producer's cut" rather than one cut by the film's director Joe Lynch, just as we feared earlier.We haven't seen the new cut, though Brendon reports through[...]

Weve Also Got The Scoop On Adam Greens New Horror Sitcom Holliston

We've Also Got The Scoop On Adam Green's New Horror Sitcom Holliston

Joe Lynch and I star as two guys who are aspiring horror filmmakers, and there's an alien who lives in my closet who gives me dating advice, and we have a cross-dressing transsexual boss.It's very crazy, there's exploding heads, there's gore, and it's for FEARNet and the United States which is a new cable network[...]