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Forbidden Planet, To The Death… 's Head

This afternoon, Forbidden Planet Megastore in London was host to a signing for the new Death's Head original series collection that was a real murderer's row. Death's Head creators Simon Furman and Geoff Senior were there, also pushing their self-published series To The Death, with an early release of its final tenth issue. But also Watchmen (and […]

Soft Wood #1 Doubles in Price on eBay - But Wait...

Soft Wood #1 Doubles in Price on eBay – But Wait…

Okay, so this is a little self-serving. But then this is Bleeding Cool, something you need to expect. This week saw the publication of Soft Wood #1, the first comedy spin-off magazine from Heavy Metal, with the news that it is to become an ongoing bi-monthly publication. It's been a little hard for some folk […]

Damon Lindelof at the "Star Trek Into Darkness" Los Angeles Premiere, Dolby Theater, Hollywood, CA 05-14-13

Watchmen's Damon Lindelof Renews with Warner Bros. TV

Looks like Damon Lindelof is pretty happy with the folks over at Warner Bros. TV with news that the Lost creator will be extending his overall deal with the studio. Working with the studio since 2012, the deal extension doesn't come as a huge surprise: Lindelof is currently working on HBO's series adaptation of Alan Moore and […]

Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd: Cover, John Higgins

Review: Beyond Watchmen And Judge Dredd: The Art Of John Higgins

Beyond Watchmen & Judge Dredd: The Art of John Higgins by John Higgins is a massive, solid art book done in lovely, thick, high-gloss paper. It's made to be read on a table, being a decently large book. At a weight of roughly three pounds and with pages being 9.8" square, I could hold it in one […]

La Machine Infernale

La Machine Infernale. Written by David Webb / Art by John Higgins. Closing Kickstarter date September 5. A First look into a brand new world / franchise – Pitched as Bourne under the French revolution – including a graphic novel and film! David Webb writes, I'm David Webb, and I want to take you into […]

John Higgins Art For New Graphic Novel, The Infernal Machines

This first preview artwork has appeared online for David Webb and John Higgins' upcoming graphic novel La Machine Infernale. It is part of a transmedia project that will cover films and games, an action espionage tale set during the French Revolution. Pitched as "Bourne in 1800", La Machine Infernale graphic novel follows the adventure of an asian […]

Paul Cornell And John Higgins, Stripped

Gary Gray, our Senior Scottish Correspondent, writes; For the second last talk at the Edinburgh International Book Festivals Stripped strand's Sunday programme I'll be honest I was starting to flag, not through boredom. But purely because I think I'd mainlined so much comic's discussion my synapses were fit to burst with the amount of in […]

Chris Ware, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Joe Sacco, Posy Simmonds, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Paul Cornell And More At Edinburgh's "Stripped" Event

Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Paul Cornell and Posy Simmonds are taking are part in Stripped as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Other names include Denise Mina, Paul Gravett, Melinda Gebbie, Warren Pleece, Roger Gibson, Chris Riddell, Jon Naught,  Stephen Collins, Robin and Lorenzo Etherington, Robbie Morrison, […]

Preview: John Higgins' Remastered Razorjack

Coming later this year from Titan Comics. John Higgins' Razorjack, recollected, remastered, reupdated and reconcluded… here's a tasty peek at what he's been doing when not working on Crimson Corsair.

A Glimpse At The Remastering Of John Higgins' Razorjack

Coming in September, Titan Comics are remastering and rereleasing John Higgins's Razorjack with two new stories. An infernal dimension of screaming torment – ruling over this domain is queen of carnage Razorjack! All that stands in her path is a pair of rogue cops, whose investigation into a series of horrific serial murders uncovers Razorjack's […]

Whatever Happened To The Crimson Corsair?

In case anyone missed Taylor Ramsey's interview the other day, Len Wein talked about exactly what happened with the Before Watchmen Epilogue that DC Comics withdrew from their schedules, but also the reasons he left the Crimson Corsair back up strip intended to run through the back of all the Before Watchmen comics but in […]

Andy Kubert To Draw Watchmen 2 (UPDATE)

We've had his name mentioned to us before, regarding this project. There is circumstantial evidence to support it. Well, today Bleeding Cool had it confirmed. Not officially of course, don't be ridiculous. But we've been informed quite conclusively from a reliable source at DC Comics that Andy Kubert is drawing one of the four Watchmen […]

Garth Ennis – When 2000AD Was The Future

This seems like as good a time as any to acknowledge a rather large debt. A creative one, to be precise. To what you might call a kind of great-great-grandfather once removed, whose bastard descendants include Preacher, Hitman, The Boys, Wormwood, The Pro, Kev, Barracuda, Dicks and more; whose barebones characterization, dark humour and intense […]