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Free On Bleeding Cool: Beast Wagon #1 By Owen Michael Johnson And John Pearson
Dates and locations can be found below. And the creators Owen Michael Johnson  and John Pearson have offered up that first issue to read for free, below If you like what you read, bundle packs can be bought from the Changeling Studios website hereand issue 4 is available for pre-order now. Olly MacNamee teaches English and Media, for his sins,[...]
'Dangerous Animals Are Exciting' – Reviewing Beast Wagon No.3
Very meta, but also, suggestive that Patrick may well hold the solution to the problems that are mounting in real time at the zoo. The artwork, especially the layered textures, adds to the dream like quality of the proceedings, as John Pearson delivers his best work of the series so far and keeping, on the whole,[...]
'If We've Done Our Jobs, The Reader Will Find All Of Them Compelling, Even The Monsters' – Interviewing Beast Wagon Creators Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson
By Olly MacNamee With Beast Wagon being one of many independent and thought provoking comics on offer this weekend at Thought Bubble, I was able to catch up with Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson to talk about the success of Beast Wagon ahead of their travels up North. Olly MacNamee: Owen, In 'Beast Wagon' you've created a world[...]
Mac's Books: 'The Animals Are Revolting' Beast Wagon No.2
Today, we welcome back Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson's Beast Wagon, no strangers. Beast Wagon No.2 (Changeling Studios) Writer: Owen Michael Johnson Artist: John Pearson The animals are revolting, but the humans are even more revolting as we welcome back the malcontent menagerie of Whipsnarl Zoo and their human jailers in Beast Wagon No.2. In this second issue of[...]
Death To The Furless Dictators – Preview Chapter 2 Of Beast Wagon
By Olly MacNamee Writer: Owen Michael Johnson Artist: John Pearson Letterer: Colin Bell Publisher: Changeling Studios Loves are tested. Plans are drawn. Doses are administered. Whipsnarl Zoo heats up. The animals are getting restless and the smell of revolution is in the air, and it's not just coming from the monkey enclosure!  Humour, tension collide in this second chapter of the British Comic Award[...]