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Watchmen series creator Damon Lindelof thinks we're living through Season 2. (Images: CNN screencap/HBO/NBC News screencap/HBO)
Josh Hawley as our real-life counterpart to James Wolk's Sen Joe Keene Jr.? I'll put aside the obvious "all vanilla white guys look alike" joke because the images above already run with the punchline, but could there be a better match-up? A figurehead for a small group of privileged, hate-filled d-bags? Check Coming up with[...]
Adrian Wojnarowski: A growing number of NBA players have concerns about 'the bubble' | Get Up
One day after ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski was suspended without pay by the sports network for a two-word response he sent to US Senator Josh Hawley: "F*ck you," a number of NBA stars have taken to social media to show their support for the journalist Under the hashtag #FreeWoj, LeBron James, Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley,[...]