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Britannia Pits The Supernatural Against The Ancient World's First Detective
Peter Milligan (X-Men) and Juan Jose Ryp (Ninjak) continue their new Valiant series Britannia. Dispatched to the remote outpost of Britannia by Rome's highest power, the ancient world's first detective – veteran legionary Antonius Axia – has found himself on a horrifying journey that will challenge everything he knows about death, destiny, and the limits of[...]
Roman Empire Era Detective Series – First Look Inside Britannia
And artwork by Juan Jose Ryp, whose hyper-detailed art seems perfect for this kind of story Throw in scripts by Peter Milligan and you have my money. The book isn't out until September 21st, but we've got a lettered preview to share The first issue will have covers by Cary Nord (X-O Manowar), Lewis LaRosa (Bloodshot Reborn),[...]
Milligan and Ryp's Britannia Tells A Mystery On The Edges Of The Roman Empire
Part of the Future of Valiant initiative involves a new series by writer Peter Milligan (X-Static) and artist Juan Jose Ryp (Ninjak) called Britannia It follows a decorated legionnaire who investigates reports of unnatural happenings at the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire, Britannia In the time of Nero's rule, Antonius Axia – the world's[...]
Shadowman Vs Ninjak – A Huge Preview Of Ninja #13
We've got a huge preview of the issue below. NINJAK #13 ("OPERATION: DEADSIDE" – PART 4) Written by Matt Kindt Art by Doug Braithwaite with Juan Jose Ryp Covers by Doug Braithwaite, Matt Haley, Clayton Henry, Matt Kindt and Ryan Lee SHADOWMAN VS NINJAK! Who will live…and what will be left of them? As Ninjak and Punk Mambo uncover the truth[...]
Prelude To Labyrinth Starts In Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #5
Written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Juan Jose Ryp, the story sets up the 4-part Labyrinth arch that begins in May as the Eternal Warrior takes his first steps out of Hell…and into the crosshairs of one of the greatest villains in the Valiant Universe. Across six millennia, Gilad Anni-Padda – an immortal warrior sworn[...]
The Eternal Warrior Is Headed For The Labyrinth
The story will kick of in Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #5 from Robert Venditti and Juan Jose Ryp in March with the two part Prelude to Labyrinth And then Labyrinth runs from May's issue #7 through issue #10 in August with artist Raul Allen.   Across six millennia, Gilad Anni-Padda – an immortal warrior sworn to forever[...]
Valiant Previews For Ninjak #7 And Unity #22
Ninjak #7 by Matt Kindt, Juan Jose Ryp and Stephen Segovia continues the Shadow Wars story arc while the War-Monger tale wraps up  in Unity #22 by Kindt and Jose Luis. NINJAK #7 ("THE SHADOW WARS" – PART 2) Written by Matt Kindt Art by Juan Jose Ryp with Stephen Segovia Covers by Mico Suayan, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Dave Johnson,[...]
Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Hits Shelves From Boundless
But that's not all!  It also includes a huge gallery of unseen  sketches and original pencil art through the ages including Ivan Reis and Renato Camilo! Also featuring original inks without lettering from Ron Adrian, Richard Ortiz, Marcelo Mueller and much more!   Available with Regular Cover by Jason Eden, Sexy & Auxiliary Covers by Paulo[...]
Valiant Preview – Ninjak #4 Asks "Who Is Roku?"
Ninjak #4 written by Matt Kindt and includes art by Juan Jose Ryp, Clay Mann, Marguerite Sauvage and Butch Guice. Ninjak #4 Written by Matt Kindt  Art by Juan Jose Ryp, Clay Mann, Marguerite Sauvage and Butch Guice  Covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Dave Johnson, Rafa Sandoval, Marguerite Sauvage and Raul Allen. Who is Roku?! The breakout star of the hit[...]
First Look At Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer
The series is by Fred Van Lente and Juan Jose Ryp and tells the never before seen origin of the ancient order of Geomancers It features a cover by Marguerite Suavage. The series is unique in that it will be printed in limited quantities and only available to retailers who qualify based on their orders of[...]
Boundless In August Offers Previously Exclusive Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 Cover
August is a collectors delight as Boundless offers up four limited edition Lady Death covers and two box sets. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 KICKSTARTER CVR Retail Price: $9.99 US Cover: Jason Eden MR, Color, 32 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Previously only available to the Kickstarter supporters, we have a few copies left of this stunning painted cover by Jason Eden! Limited[...]
Juan Jose Ryp Absolutely Destroys Book of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer At Valiant
Fresh off of their recent movie announcements, Valiant is looking to put more copies of this year's event on shelves and has come up with a rather novel way of doing just that for their upcoming summer crossover Book of Death, beginning in July. Case in point: they recently announced the four-issue, retailer-incentive "companion series" for[...]
Valiant Announces Ninjak: The Shadow Wars
The series will continue to be written by Matt Kindt while he will be welcoming artists Raul Allen (Hawkeye), Juan Jose Ryp (Black Summer), Stephen Segovia (Convergence) to the series along with regular artists Clay Mann and Butch Guice. Ninjak went to Tokyo to destroy the shadowy Weaponeer arms cartel from the inside out, beginning with[...]
The Dire Knights Rise In Lady Death: Apocalypse #2
Available with Regular and Sultry covers by Renato Camilo, Wraparound by Pow Rodrix, Auxiliary and Alternate History by Juan Jose Ryp, a premium Pure Art by Camilo and a Art Deco Retailer Order Incentive cover by Michael DiPascale.Also be sure to check out the ultimate collectible CGC Numbered Edition! [...]