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K/DA Will Be Appearing In Just Dance 2021 With A New Track
We got a new interesting crossover this morning from Riot Games and Ubisoft as K/DA has invaded the spotlight of Just Dance 2021 This is one of those events where you hear people kinda talk about them and be like "Yeah, that would be cool, but it'll probably never happen." And then it happens and[...]
Just Dance 2021 Will Be Coming To Both Next-Gen Consoles
This morning, Ubisoft officially confirmed they will be launching Just Dance 2021 on both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 The company has slowly been revealing how games will be coming out on consoles over the next few months as gamers prepare to jump from one to the next or stick with what they[...]
"Just Dance 2020" Launches Season 2 With Three New Songs
Ubisoft hasn't been doing a lot with Just Dance 2020 since launch beyond limited-time playlists, but this week they announced Season 2 has begun The word came down on Twitter that the season would run from March 12th until May 14th, and would include three exclusive songs for you to play during that time Not[...]
Ubisoft Keeps the Groove Going with Just Dance 2020
Ubisoft announced Just Dance 2020 at E3 today, which will be the newest installment in their leading music video game franchise The game will release on November 5, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, Wii, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as well as the Google Stadia. "For over 10 years now, Just Dance has been an incredible journey[...]
Screen Gems Wants To Make Ubisoft's Just Dance Into a Movie
Apparently, someone really wanted to make Just Dance by Ubisoft into a movie and paid money to do it Deadline is reporting that Screen Gems managed to get the deal after multiple companies were vying for the rights from Ubisoft, but the amount they paid hasn't been disclosed We can't deny the popularity of the game,[...]
The vast majority of them are from the Just Dance series, which makes sense since more people move on after they get the latest edition Check out the information below about the games, which you can see the full list here. 1 The multiplayer online services for the title will be shut down but the solo[...]
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He will be responsible for the development of new internal content and will be part of the executive management board. Prior to Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2, Decroix contributed to some of the main Ubisoft franchises like the various Tom Clancy brands, Might & Magic, and Just Dance At Starbreeze, Decroix will be responsible for[...]