Kennel Block Blues

The Prison Musical Kennel Block Blues Comes To An End Tomorrow

The musical comes to an end this week as Kennel Block Blues releases its final issue This limited series is written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, and even though it may look like a light read, there's real depth here.Even though they’re singing dogs, these anthropomorphic characters are easy to love[...]

The Fix, Steven Universe And Kennel Block Blues Sell Out, Go To Second Print

The Fix #1, out last week from Image Comics has joined the likes of Marvel's Black Panther and Empress in going to an instant second print.It is joined in that endeavour by Kennel Block Blues and Steven Universe & The Magic Gems from Boom! Studios.The Fix #1, out last week from Image Comics has joined[...]

Who Doesn't Love An Angry Chihuahua? Kennel Block Blues #2…The Musical Continues

The second issue of Kennel Block Blues has arrived, and it's even better than the first From BOOM! Studios, written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, this issue continues the drama as Oliver and his crack team cook up the perfect routine full of distractions, misdirections, and red herrings to distract the guards and stage their prison[...]

The Super Awesome Comic Review Show: Vision, Paper Girls, Kennel Block Blues, Mean Girls Club, Sky Doll & More! Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.They say: Books featured this week of Wednesday February 4th, 2016:Marvel Comics: the Vision #4 Image Comics: Paper Girls #5 Boom! Studios : Kennel Block Blues #1 No Brow Press : Mean Girls Club DC Comics : Prez volume 1 TP Titan Comics[...]

Sing-A-Long With This Comic: 3 Reasons Why You Should Read Kennel Block Blues #1

This week brings the release of a new limited series entitled Kennel Block Blues It’s written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, and it should absolutely be on your pull list Here are three reasons why…One: Singing dogs...Need I say more? It's like a broadway musical in comic book form...except way better because[...]

An Anthropomorphic Prison Musical: Advance Review Of Kennel Block Blues

Their new limited series Kennel Block Blues is just that Written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, Kennel Block Blues is an anthropomorphic prison drama that will stay with you The story follows Oliver, a good family dog But when he’s sentenced to Jackson Kennel without warning, and instantly placed on Death Row,[...]