An Anthropomorphic Prison Musical: Advance Review Of Kennel Block Blues

BOOM! Studios has a habit of releasing really unique, entertaining comics. Their new limited series Kennel Block Blues is just that. Written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, Kennel Block Blues is an anthropomorphic prison drama that will stay with you. The story follows Oliver, a good family dog. But when he's sentenced to Jackson Kennel without warning, and instantly placed on Death Row, things get complicated. With the rest of his fellow inmates awaiting a lethal appointment on The Table he has to think fast.

I was lucky enough to read the first issue, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a musical number kick things off. Singing dogs? Yeah, that's enough to hook me. What's great about Kennel Block Blues is that's not the only musical number you'll find throughout. In fact, main character Oliver escapes into his own musical land quite a few times. The art style reminds me of Wild's End, and that makes me love the comic even more. Ryan Ferrier writes a very intriguing script, and the end of the issue definitely left me wanting more. With all that said, the final cutoff order date is this Monday, January 11th. The first issue will release on February 3rd.