Two Different, Great Stories: Ryan Ferrier's Curb Stomp TP And Kennel Block Blues

Tomorrow brings the release of Ryan Ferrier and Devaki Neogi's series Curb Stomp TP. The trade collects the entire series. For those of you who missed out on the original release, Curb Stomp is a story about The Fever, a gang made up of five women: Machete Betty, Violet Volt, Daisy Chain, Derby Girl, and Bloody Mary. They live in a small borough called Old Beach, which is one of three outside of the city. Unlike normal towns, they aren't protected by police officers. Instead, they have the self-appointed task of protecting their home. This can be difficult when other gangs are trying to gain control, invade space, or cause trouble in general.

I was immersed in this series from start to finish. The tone of the book is very serious, and you'll most likely feel pretty sympathetic for the women as you read. It's a rough world. The situations that they are put in on a daily basis are scary, but real. Ryan Ferrier writes a great script, and I truly think it's an important comic to read.

…and if you like Ferrier's style, don't miss out on his new series that is on the opposite spectrum of Curb Stomp. It's called Kennel Block Blues, and I had the pleasure of reading the first issue. It rocks. That releases next week.

Here's a preview of Curb Stomp to further entice you:

CurbStomp_TP_cover CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-6 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-8 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-9 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-10 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-11 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-12 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-13 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-14 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-15 CurbStomp_TP_PRESS-16

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