Sing-A-Long With This Comic: 3 Reasons Why You Should Read Kennel Block Blues #1

This week brings the release of a new limited series entitled Kennel Block Blues. It's written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, and it should absolutely be on your pull list. Here are three reasons why…


One: Singing dogs…Need I say more? It's like a broadway musical in comic book form…except way better because it's in a prison with dogs. Which leads me to my next reason…


Two: It's anthropomorphic, and that's always fun. I am a huge fan of the series Wild's End which is also an anthropomorphic tale, and tend to be extra fascinated by stories told in that fashion. It adds a whole different layer to the characters and how the story comes across.


Three: Ryan Ferrier is a great writer and will no doubt deliver a dynamite story. The first issue alone proves that even though the landscape may seem cheery, there's depth.

Grab a copy and see for yourself! Pick up Kennel Block Blues #1 this week!