The Prison Musical Kennel Block Blues Comes To An End Tomorrow

The musical comes to an end this week as Kennel Block Blues releases its final issue. This limited series is written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Daniel Bayliss, and even though it may look like a light read, there's real depth here.

Even though they're singing dogs, these anthropomorphic characters are easy to love. Over a short four issues, I became emotionally invested in the success of their mission. This issue brings all of that to a close. Oliver, Pickles, and the rest of the cats and dogs prepare for an uprising.

I have enjoyed this series from start to finish. Ryan Ferrier wrote an entertaining script that kept my interesting the entire time. Daniel Bayliss distinct artwork added to the overall experience taking us from a technicolor world to a drab prison. I'm sad to see it end, but at the same time, this is going to be an excellent trade paperback to buy in the months to come. Kennel Block Blues is an amusing four issue story that I hope you'll read. Be sure to pick up the final issue this Wednesday, and preview the first few pages below.

Kennel_Block_Blues_004_A_Main Kennel_Block_Blues_004_PRESS-2 Kennel_Block_Blues_004_PRESS-3 Kennel_Block_Blues_004_PRESS-4-5 Kennel_Block_Blues_004_PRESS-6 Kennel_Block_Blues_004_PRESS-7