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Jeremy Holt on House Of Slay
But together you make a radiant fist." Holt is writing the comic, drawn by Kevin Wada, Soo Lee, and Kimi Lee. Philip Lim told the New York Times, "There are so many kids, especially Asians, that feel othered or who don't fit in Showing these kids that They both deliver social commentary in a way that[...]
Kevin Wada Draws Angel for Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5 Variant
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has unveiled Kevin Wada's variant cover for the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5, featuring the star of his own new series, Angel Why did BOOM! wait until now to reveal the cover? Well, final order cutoff is today, of course! LOS ANGELES, CA (May 13, 2019) – BOOM! Studios today, in[...]
Kevin Wada Draws Giles for March's Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3 Cover
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed the cover for March's issue of their Buffy the Vampire Slayer "reimagining," featuring art by Kevin Wada showcasing Giles BOOM! Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer is here to up the word count on this article about an image with a quote from the press release: There's a lot of important lessons in[...]
Iceman #10 Cover
Deadpool, so we're happy to be moving onto one of our favorites: Iceman! Iceman #10 Writer: Sina Grace Pencilers: Robert Gill Inkers: Robert Gill and Ed Tadeo Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Kevin Wada Iceman was left in big trouble at the conclusion of the previous issue During a going away party for Bobby before he moves to Los Angeles with[...]
Kevin Wada Shows Off His Runaways Variant
Kevin Wada revealed his variant cover for Runaways #1 on Twitter this evening. In September, Marvel launches a new Runaways series by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka And sure, that series looks like it may be a stealth limited series, but it's good to see this fan-favorite team, and previously deceased character Gert, back in action, even[...]
And like a classic X-Men story, or even soap opera, it's not without some slightly problematic elements. Cover by Kevin Wada Concerning an adventure with the titular hero and his ex-girlfriend from before he came out, Kitty Pryde, as they go to find and offer a place to a new mutant It's a pretty standard set up[...]
Stay Cool! Marvel Shares An Iceman Preview
Cover by Kevin Wada We've been promised a brand new, first-time ongoing for Iceman as part of Marvel's ResurrXion plans since the very start, and we are now edging ever closer to Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti's new series hitting the shelves One featuring a gay male protagonist, no less. So far, most of the previews have[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
I've already pointed out two of DC's Trinity, a vast section of X-Men, but also, the Avengers are not without their immigrants. Art by Greg Land Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Nova, Black Widow, Rage, Black Panther, Hercules – heroes often from global backgrounds coming together to fight for what is right, and accepted in most cases by the[...]
Marvel Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With 48 Variants in 2017
To celebrate, Marvel will be doing a total of 48 variant covers for their Star Wars publishing line starting in January and continuing through 2017. Kevin Wada Some big name artists will be involved, including Kevin Wada, Mike Mayhew, Stuart Immonen, Ryan Stegman, David Lopez, and many more.  They will have a new border marking the anniversary[...]
Ice, Ice, Baby! Reaction to the Iceman Reveal
By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent  Teaser by Kevin Wada Well, another day, another ResurrXion X-Men reveal (which means we're inching closer to the Generation X reveal which may make or break this relaunch for me). This time we have Iceman, the first solo book for this original X-Man, but also Marvel's first ongoing gay male[...]
NYCC'15 – NY TimesOUT LGBT in Comics
By Joe Glass New York TimesOUT is bringing the LGBTQ wonder to New York Comic Con this year, starting with this panel today, featuring Kris Anka, James Tynion IV, Babs Tarr, Kevin Wada, Jenny Wood, and a late and running Steve Orlando. Asking Steve about Midnighter, one of the only monthly books from DC about an unapologetic,[...]
WonderCon '15 – Bathing Suits, Tights, And Burnside Fashion In Superhero Comics With Babs Tarr, Jake Wyatt, Brenden Fletcher, Kris Anka, And Kevin Wada
Marvel, Edge of Spider-Verse), Brenden Fletcher, Kris Anka (designed Storm), Kevin Wada (She-Hulk, Catwoman). Brenden Fletcher called the con "Babscon" to applause since her artwork is on the t-shirts, con guides, and banners at the convention Fletcher set the stage by defining fashion as being "external" in the world and "style" as being one's own approach. Tarr[...]
Secret Wars Brings Back… Night Nurse? And Millie The Model?
A cover by Kevin Wada, edited by Jake Thomas, expect some oddness along the way… Courtesy of comes Secret Wars Journal, a new series running through their Secret Wars event With stories featuring the likes of Night Nurse, Millie The Model, Misty Knight and Paladin A cover by Kevin Wada, edited by Jake Thomas,[...]
The Male Marvel Swimsuit Issue That Wasn't
Marvel artists Kris Anka and Kevin Wada were working on a new Marvel Swimsuit issue to follow up on the nineties version A variety of Marvel characters in states of undress And, for some reason, all male so far. Sadly Anka tells us, I write to you today with the somber news that after a few months[...]
Variant Covers For The Wicked + The Divine + Rasputin
Above is a new variant cover by Kevin Wada, fashion illustrator recently seen on Sh-Hulk covers, for The Wicked + The Divine #4 Diamond code JUL148049 if you want one, standard price. While below is the Ryan Stegman variant cover for Rasputin #3. Diamond code AUG140527. Both from Image Comics, obviously. Above is a new variant cover by Kevin[...]
Raising Money for Comics – Funding your Dream Projects With A Pinch Of Salt
Specifically, we have started releasing a series of very limited edition prints by a number of incredible artists, the first two are out now. The first is by Cory Smith (Dynamite's Magnus: Robot Fighter), and the second by Kevin Wada (Marvel's She-Hulk cover artist). It's obvious how these can potentially help a comic project out: if there's[...]