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Serious Allegations Made About the Last Days of Stan Lee
Accusations against Stan Lee from alleged nursing staff were sent to Duke and to the Daily Mail newspaper, though again, no further action was taken by authorities. Editorial credit: s_bukley / As a result of this sequence of events, Stan Lee's then-business manager Max Anderson was ousted by JC Lee and Stan's new associate Keya Morgan[...]
Who Has Control Of Stan Lee's Twitter Account Now?
Then things changed again.   Some were suspicious that, given Stan Lee's sudden propensity to tweet about his 'best friend' Keya Morgan, Marilyn Monroe, and images of him and John Travolta that were taken with Keya Morgan last year as if they were now, combined with Stan Lee's macular degeneration affecting his eyesight that possibly, just possibly, Keya[...]
Stan Lee Associate Keya Morgan Arrested Today in Hollywood
Bleeding Cool has confirmed with the Hollywood Community Police Station that Keya Morgan, the individual who is seen as the principal figure managing Stan Lee right now, is currently being held there with bail set at $20,000. Keya Morgan was arrested at just after 1 p.m today and booked into the police station an hour-and-a-quarter later. From other[...]
Stan Lee Recently Tweeted a Photo of Him and His Brother, but It's Actually from 2013 — Stan Lee (@TheRealStanLee) May 30, 2018 But as we pointed out yesterday, the tweet with him, John Travolta and Keya Morgan was originally posted by Keya two years ago, in the summer of 2016. Lunch with 2 dear friends John Travolta, greatest actor alive & my partner Stan Lee who created Spider-Man, IronMan — Keya Morgan[...]
Keya Morgan Copyrighted Video Shows Stan Lee Calling to Put a Stop to "One-Man Campaign"
TMZ currently appears to be Stan Lee associate Keya Morgan's outlet of choice. Today he issued them a video of Stan Lee "calling on behalf of myself and my friend Keya Morgan." Morgan was with Lee this past weekend at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Morgan's video unfortunately appeared on TMZ sponsored by TV show Breaking Homicide, which caused further[...]