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Dark Horse comics retailer store image
In a press release Tuesday, Dark Horse and Asmodee Entertainment announced their burgeoning partnership, leading with three licensed art books for the game universes of Android, Arkham Horror, and Keyforge Containing purportedly never-before-seen production art and commentary from Fantasy Flight Games studio, the books will begin hitting stores at the end of 2020. Editorial credit: Ken[...]
Fantasy Flight Employees to be Laid Off, "Call to Action" Issued
We will continue to run community events. However, we believe this means FFG will no longer produce any:     Star Wars Roleplaying Games (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny),     Genesys Roleplaying Games,     Realms of Terrinoth RPG,     Legends of the 5 Rings RPG,     Keyforge Secrets of the Crucible RPG,  [...]
Fantasy Flight Games New Releases (11-08-2019)
Oh, hey! It's Friday! That means a whole bunch of cool new game releases are hitting your favorite game store today from Fantasy Flight Games! Here's a look at what you and your wallet can expect at your FLGS today! Star Wars: X-Wing Releases It's a pretty big day for Star Wars: X-Wing players, with several majorly[...]