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Kick-Ass 2 — The Bleeding Cool Review
Matthew Vaughn is listed as producer for this one and while I'm sure I saw Jane Goldman's name whizz by listed as something like executive producer I couldn't confirm that on IMDB at the time of writing. And they are missed. Kick Ass 2 lacks Vaughn's flair, and it particularly misses Goldman's playful, subversive way with dialogue[...]
Kick Ass 2 San Diego Comic Con Hall H Live Blog
Live from SDCC Hall H via Brendon Connelly, here's the latest on Kick Ass 2: Live from SDCC Hall H via Brendon Connelly, here's the latest on Kick Ass 2: Live from SDCC Hall H via Brendon Connelly, here's the latest on Kick Ass 2: Live from SDCC Hall H via Brendon Connelly, here's the[...]
Kick Ass 3 In May
And we may be getting them sooner than we thought as well, according to this ad from today's final issue of Hit Girl, Kick Ass 3 by Millar and Romita Jr lined up for publication a month before the release of the Kick Ass 2 movie. With Jupiter's Legacy scheduled for April, even with no sign[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Jim Carrey Kicks Ass
Legal people are being consulted in and around Sacremento, California as well as the FBI. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Photos And Video Of Jim Carrey As Colonel Stars With Justice Forever On Kick Ass 2 Set – UPDATED The most anticipated leak from the Kick-Ass 2 set has finally hit the internet. Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Power[...]
SDCC Video: Grace Randolph's ParaNorman Interview… And Christopher Mintz-Plasse On Kick Ass 2
[youtube][/youtube] Grace writes; ParaNorman Interview plus Christopher Mintz-Plasse talks Kick Ass 2! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph is at SDCC 2012 and does an interview with the directors of ParaNorman plus stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Kodi Smit-McPhee! Enjoy ParaNorman in 2012, plus rejoice that Kick Ass 2 is in the works! [...]
Tuesday Runaround – Kick Assed
GlitchWatch: Kick Ass 2 hardcover gets a 50% discount from Amazon UK… a greater discount than many retailers pay… VolunteerWatch: The kind of industry story that will warm your heart. Imagine this: 300 people—some on foot, some in vehicles including cars, trucks, a motorcycle with a sidecar, and a wheelchair—all showing up at Source Comics and Games[...]
Kapow 2012: Millarworld And The Future Of Kick Ass 2
Mark pegged the last was as The Authority, but I remember a rather sweet and clever tale for Marvel in 4/11. Mark Millar repeated that Hit Girl series shipping shortly will comprise the first act of the Kick Ass 2 movie, with the Kick Ass 2 comic series inspiring the latter acts of the movie. And it[...]
Hit-Girl #1 Missed Off Retailers' Order Form
Last year, Kick Ass 2 #5 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr was accidentally left off the order form It was in Previews, but not on the form that retailers used to order the comic They did their best to raise awareness of this, but in the end reduced orders saw Marvel choose to[...]