Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases January 21-27, 2020

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases January 21-27, 2020

We're still chugging along through the month of January, recovering from the holidays and the snow, waiting for video game releases to get back to normal. We got a few new ones for you this week, but the majority of what's out are re-releases on new consoles. Plus some DLC here and there. Check out […]

Square Enix Announces "Kingdom Hearts 3" ReMind DLC at E3 2019

Square Enix Reveals More About "Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind" Story

Square Enix released a little bit more info this week about Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind and what to expect in the upcoming DLC For starters, the story that you're getting will detail another adventure revolving around the Keyblade Graveyard before you hit the final battle He will retrace the hearts of the seven Guardians[...]

The Trailer For "Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind" Has Leaked

Square Enix accidentally leaked their own trailer this week for Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind, revealing the release date and info for the DLC The trailer appears to have been accidentally loaded in several places, then quickly deleted, but not before everyone and their mother got a copy of it It has been reloaded several[...]