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"Kings of War" Gets New Third Edition in October
Mantic Games released Kings of War: Vanguard close to a year ago, with a good amount of the factions available in the book already released for players to get going on the table-top Additional releases brought the forces of the Northern Alliance into play, as well as additional otherworldly power for the Abyssal faction But[...]
"Kings of War" Gets New Third Edition in October
Mantic Games has just announced that they will be celebrating the upcoming tenth anniversary of their Kings of War fantasy miniature combat game with an all-new third edition! Here's the official press release from Mantic: //Credit: Mantic KINGS OF WAR THIRD EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE THIS OCTOBER Mantic Games releasing a new 380-page rulebook for the world's best[...]
Hellboy Overwhelms Mantic Warehouses, Savings Ensue
In fact, we need to clear a LOT of space. It's true, Mantic's Hellboy game was very successful on Kickstarter, with over 12,000 gamers backing the project! The good news for gamers is that Mantic will be having a pretty huge warehouse sale! Check out some of the savings available for some of Mantic's games: Kings of War Resin[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Tabletop Miniature Game
We'll come back to the 2018 specific games in just a bit. First up, the nominees: Warhammer 40,000 Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Malifaux Infinity Kings of War Frostgrave And the winner is… Frostgrave. credit// Osprey Games Frostgrave has players take on the role of a wizard, as they build a band of followers and apprentices, meanwhile expanding their arcane knowledge[...]
Mantic and Red Scar Publishing Announce Kings of War Role Playing Game
Mantic's Kings of War franchise has already enjoyed a considerable amount of success, first as a massive, rank-and-flank miniatures wargame, then a series of fiction books, the Dungeon Saga series, and then the Vanguard skirmish game, which allows small groups of brave warriors to clash over objectives that can influence later Kings of War games. Courtesy[...]
Kings of War: Vanguard Charges into the New Year with New Dwarf Faction
Mantic Games was kind enough to share some images from the new Dwarf Faction for Kings of War: Vanguard on their blog recently, and anyone who loves playing these stalwart warriors are sure to find a new favorite in the lineup! First up is the Dwarf Warband set, which includes 10 miniatures; 5 are the already[...]
Kings of War: Vanguard Abyssal Warband Booster Review
Mantic Games released new skirmish rules in November for Kings of War, their rank-and-flank table-top war game The new system, Kings of War: Vanguard, sets a much smaller field of battle with an emphasis on fewer figures and entertaining scenarios Mantic also released a few new sets of models for the Night Stalker, Northern Alliance,[...]