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Exclusive Extended Previews Of Kings Quest #5 And Brickleberry #3

Today we have two exclusive extended previews from Dynamite Entertainment. First up is the fifth and final issue of Kings Quest by Ben Acker, Heath Corson and Dan McDaid… this leads into the new Flash Gordon series that is going on now. Then we have the third issue of Brickleberry by the creators of the […]

Kings Quest #1 Writer's Commentary With Ben Acker And Heath Corson

A Writers' Commentary: Ben Acker and Heath Corson talk Kings Quest #1, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover is by Marc Laming and Lara Margarida. Interiors by Dan McDaid and Omi Remalante. PAGE ONE: BEN ACKER: Let me start by saying that I love this book. I love the story and I love the characters, […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Kings Quest #1, Devolution #4 And Vampirella #3

We've got exclusive extended previews for three Dynamite titles shipping this week including the new Kings Quest series starring Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake and Prince Valiant. We also have the third issue in the new Vampirella series and the fourth issue of Devolution. Devolution #4 writer: Rick Remender artist: Jonathan Wayshak, Jordan Boyd (Colorist) […]

Return Of The King(s) – Talking King's Quest From Dynamite

But my main inspirations on King's Quest are people like Mike Zeck and Paul Smith: artists who bring equal amounts of detail and dynamism to the page That's what I'm aiming for here.CB: Once you landed the assignment, how much time went into determining how you wanted to approach the King heroes?DM: Characters like Mandrake and Flash came[...]

Ben Acker And Heath Corson Talk Kings Quest

Writers Ben Acker and Heath Corson talk about Kings Quest #1 (of 5), on sale in May from Dynamite. Cover is by Marc Laming. BYRON BREWER: Ben and Heath, this is the BIG ONE fans of these characters have been waiting for! What's it like to handle all these classic characters? HEATH CORSON: Oh, man, […]

King's Quest Episode 2 Gets Trailer And Release Date

It's been a little while since we heard about Kings Quest. The first episode came out back in July to great reviews, but the series has laid dormant since then. Well, Episode 2 has finally peaked its head above ground. Entitled Rubble Without A Cause, the episode has seen a trailer and it was announced […]

PlayStation Plus Games Outlined For December

We've already seen Xbox's offering, and now it's PlayStation's turn.One the PlayStation 4, both Gauntlet: Slayer Edition and King's Quest - Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember will be coming On PlayStation 3, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and SSX make up the last gen offerings If you're a handheld person, Freedom Wars and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled[...]

Sweet Release! Xeodrifter, The Swindle, N++, King's Quest, Vita Roundup

 Oh sure, there's been something to cover every week but as July comes to a close and we edge ever closer to the falls metaphorical landslide of big games I can't help but think why not release a few in the summer.  When we look back on this month, I don't think July 2015 will ever be remembered[...]

E3: Hands-On with King's Quest: A Knight to Remember (See What They Did There?)

From Brandon Gerson Of Nerdy Show, for Bleeding Cool, King's Quest is where the modern incarnation of adventure/ puzzle games began. The series was created by Sierra in the golden age of adventure games back in 1984 for PC and became and instant legend. This led to many sequels, some even more impressive than previous titles. […]

Learn More About King's Quest Hand Drawn Art Style In This Video

I am genuinely interested at seeing what the newly revamped Sierra do with the return of King's Quest Thus far, I've been impressed with what I've seen, but there is still a lot more to see and experience around the game.This new video digs into the art style of the game, which it turns out[...]