King's Quest Has A Pretty Impressive Cast Starring Christopher Lloyd And Zelda Williams

King's Quest coming back is a big deal for a lot of people. I know a lot of my early video game memories were from playing the early editions in the franchise, with the crudely animated adventures being pretty exciting for a young Patrick. Seeing the property come back in Sierra's hands is exciting.

It looks like they are trying to impress too. The game has pulled together a hell of a voice cast, featuring a ton of great character voice actors. Here is a list of all the cast, as well as a trailer of them in action.


Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future)
Tom Kenny (Spongebob, Adventure Time)
Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride)
Josh Keaton (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones (We Bought a Zoo)
Zelda Williams (Legend of Korra)

I really can't wait for this. Hopefully we will learn about its release before too long.