Exclusive – Bob's Burgers, Brickleberry, Kings Quest, Gold Key And Jack Kirby For August

Dynamite has sent over the last batch of solicitations and covers for their books shipping in August. This group is a bit more mixed as we start off with two animated TV series, one still going / one ended. Bob's Burgers and Brickleberry. Both are being done by the shows creators.

Then we move on to two collections of heroes. Kings Quest pulls together Mandrake The Magician, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Prince Valiant and more while the Gold Key Alliance dives into the classic comic characters of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Magnus: Robot Fighter, Solar Man of the Atom and more.

And then, at the bottom but definitely not last or least, the collected edition of Dragonsbane from Kirby:Genesis. For fans of Jack Kirby, this was another take on the Norse pantheon of gods featuring Sigurd, Balduur, Honir and Heimdall.

Cover A: Tony Gennaro
Cover B: Jack Herzog
Writer: Jeff Drake
Art: Frank Forte, Edward Rowan

The Bob's Burgers comic book delivers the second serving of its one-story issues when Louise's Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities Presents… Giant Chinchilla Girl! Louise invents a machine capable of teleportation – but when she decides to give it a spin herself, the outcome is a little fuzzy. Or in her case, furry. Everyone loves Bob's Burgers, the fan-favorite animated sitcom that airs on Fox television with other hits such as The Simpsons and Family Guy!BobsV2-14-Cov-A-Gennaro BobsV2-14-Cov-B-Herzog-

Cover: Ashley Long
Writer: Waco O'Guin, Roger Black
Art: Timothy Hopkins

In Brickleberry #2, we continue with Future Steve and his pursuit of his old boss, Woody Johnson, to prevent the cow invasion that wiped out humanity. The Bovine Overlord has sent Future Bobby back in time to thwart Future Steve's plot to assassinate Woody! Written by the show's co-creators Waco O'Guin and Roger Black.

Brickleberry had a successful three season run on cable television, popular among males 18-24, and averaging 1.6 million viewers per episode. Brickleberry's loyal fanbase still thrives on social media and they are hungry for the continuing adventures from Brickleberry National Park!

Cover A: Felipe Massafera
Writer: Phil Hester
Art: Brent Peeples

With their universe being torn apart, Turok, Magnus, Samson, and Solar are lured by Dr. Spektor into a strange dimension where only the ultimate sacrifice will be enough to preserve reality. Do not miss the soul-searing climax to this critically acclaimed series!

Cover A: Marc Laming
Cover B: Jonathan Lau
Cover C Subscription: Colton Worley
Writer: Ben Acker, Heath Corson
Art: Dan McDaid

Flash Gordon escapes! Broken in mind and spirit, our intrepid heroes must bust out of their sci-fi prison and rescue their friend, even if that friend doesn't want to be rescued! Continuing the epic crossover that unites the greatest heroes from the King Features Syndicate comic strips: The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, Jungle Jim, Flash Gordon, and more!KingQuest04-Cov-A-Laming KingQuest04-Cov-B-Lau KingQuest04-Cov-C-Worley

Cover: Alex Ross
Writer: Robert Rodi
Art: Fritz Casas
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 104 pages

Sigurd Dragonsbane, one of the greatest creations of legendary comic book writer/artist Jack "The King" Kirby, returns in an epic tale of valor and victory! When the Fell Mists, which have shrouded the borders of Valhalla for time immemorial, rise to expose other Mythlands beyond his own, Sigurd and his brethren Balduur, Honir, and Heimdall revel in the knowledge that they may once again ride abroad into unknown lands, lending arms to those in need. Tahmina, a princess imprisoned by fearsome dragons in distant Persia, sends a psychic projection to Valhalla, requesting their aid. Across strange summits and seas, they rush into adventure… facing witches, hulking beasts, and fiery she-demons along the way!Layout 1

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