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Ryan Elder discusses his work on Rick and Morty, and more (Images: Adult Swim)
For me, Next Generation is when I fell in love with Trek." Known for working with popular artists music such as Mazzy Star, Jemaine Clement, Blonde Redhead, and Chaos Chaos in the past, we talked about his latest collaborations from season 4: "I worked with an artist named Kotomi She's a good friend of mine We wrote[...]
Don't Look Back (Music Video) | Rick and Morty | adult swim
Written by Ryan Elder and Kotomi, with vocals by Kotomi, the song is second only to "Do You Feel It" from Chaos Chaos (from second season episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation") when it comes to hard-kicking our "Feels" Check out the music video and audio track video below: While he had had promising news about the fifth[...]