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The Next Big X-Men Crossover Event Revealed Today, And Why (Spoilers)
We know that Jonathan Hickman is writing a new Krakoan X-Men title to follow his run on the X-Men series, and as showrunner of the Krakoan X-Men line published by Marvel Comics We didn't know what the comic was called and the artist seemed to be TBA Today, we get an inkling of what this[...]
The Politics of Krakoan Resurrection - Wolverine #12 & Way Of X #2
Today sees just a couple of Krakoan X-Men comic books published today, but both get deep into the weeds with Krakoan politics It's has been established that the Krakoan Resurrection Protocols as carried out by The Five will not apply to duplicates, whether formed by clones, alternate realities or time travel – it's just too[...]
X-Men Krakoa Spoilers
Not even the Krakoan books are immune Last week's King In Black: Marauders saw the team try and rescue Storm and Cyclops from their Manhattan Knullification, and SWORD has been tying to teleport mutants in and out. But during the whole battle, Henry Peter Gyrich has his own plans In the comics, Gyrich was the first[...]