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New The Mandalorian Vintage Collection Figures Revealed By Hasbro
The first two new The Mandalorian 3.75" The Vintage Collection figures will be Kuiil and the Mythrol Both figures are perfect for fans to help display their upcoming Razor Crest, with the Mythrol getting his figure debut with the Vintage Collection. The last figure that Hasbro will be releasing is the widely popular character, Bo-Katan We[...]
The Mandalorian Kuili Rides The Blurg Once Again With Hot Toys
Standing roughly 9" tall, Kuiil is back and ready for action once again with this highly detailed and articulated figure Kuiil's design is faithfully recreated with this figure, and both figure sets will come with a nice set of accessories for him These will include goggles, a backpack, bucket, a rifle with a tranquilizer dart,[...]