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Kirby Krackle Drops 4th Studio Album And Tours
Physical copies are available as well as downloads from Itunes and Bandcamp.   The band started by former Image PR director and founder of the Emerald City Con, Jim Demonakos and singer/songwriter Kyle Stevens have built a strong fanbase (called Krackleheads) around pop-culter/geek inspired songs that resonate with comic, movie and video game fans alike. The new album[...]
Kirby Krackle Sign Deal With Marvel
Well done lads! James Demonakos, owner of the Seattle comic shop The Comic Stop, founder of the Emerald City Comic-Con and ex-Image Comics' PR and Marketing Coordinator has seemingly taken another step across the Previews catalogue. Because with fellow band member of comics convention favourites Kirby Krackle, the singer/songwriter Kyle Stevens, they have just signed a deal[...]