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A Fascinating Place: Three Reasons Why You Should Read Lantern City Vol. 1 HC

I'm talking about Lantern City Vol 1 HC from Archaia It collects the first four issues of the series, and if you're looking for some reasons to pick up a copy, here's three...One: This book is written by some incredibly talented writers By name, Paul Jenkins, Matthew Daley, and Mairghread Scott The script is detailed, intense, and emotional[...]

A New Character Arrives In Archaia's Lantern City: Martha Ellen Grey/Mira Furlan

Most of you have probably heard of Archaia’s series Lantern City , recently starting its second arc as written by Matthew Daley and Mairghread Scott, with art by Carlos Magno The publisher along with Macrocosm Entertainment are excited to reveal a new character in Lantern City, Martha Ellen Grey Martha, in both the comic book[...]

A New Story Arc Begins: Preview Lantern City #5, Out Today

Up until now we've experienced quite an intense ride with Archaia's Lantern City series Written by, Matthew Daley and Mairghread Scott, with art by Carlos Magno, it’s time for a new story arc to begin with Lantern City #5 After unwittingly saving Emperor Killian Grey’s life, Sander is pulled deeper into the Guard and struggles with Kendal’s mission to[...]

All Of Boom! Studios' San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives And Debuts

From Adventure Time to Lumberjanes, Lantern City, Hit and so much more, here is what BOOM! Studios is bringing to SDCC 2015 for us:ADVENTURE TIME #40 ($10)Cover by Mad RupertWriter: Christopher Hastings Artist: Zachary SterlingADVENTURE TIME WITH FIONNA & CAKE: CARD WARS #1 ($10)Cover by Mad RupertWriter: Jen Wang Artist: Britt WilsonHACKTIVIST VOL[...]

Swag! ACBC Edition: Marvel, Groot, And Lantern City

They also make a wide range of "stuffs" of pop culture characters from Daredevil to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.But this swag was totally unexpected and wide-ranging, all focusing on the new Boom! Studios steampunk series Lantern City, out this past week in its first issue The entire creative team were at ACBC holding a special[...]

Advance Review: Lantern City #1 Well Exceeds The Hype

I went into reading the first issue of Lantern City with high expectations Having the knowledge that there was already a reputation for the comic made me curious as to what all of the hype was about Beyond that, the fact that it was Archaia’s first ongoing series since 2007, gave me even more incentive[...]

Cover Variance – Secret Wars And Lantern City

the first time Neal has drawn Deadpool.Expect to see it up on on or about 5/6 for preorders, then shipping out about a week later.Here's the Lantern City #1 FOC incentive cover from Boom!, to try and goose those orders a little...And this is the additional cover that was unlocked after preorders hit 10.000 The[...]

Lantern City To Be Archaia's Biggest Launch Ever, Over 10,000 Orders

In May, they're launching their first ongoing series since Secret History back in 2007 with Lantern City, a Star Wars style story in a steampunk world.Early word is that based on initial orders, Lantern City will be Archaia's highest launching project ever with orders over 10,000 copies And reports back from ComicsPRO's Annual Meeting were that Archaia is guaranteeing[...]

Prepare for Archaia's New Steampunk Comic Series: Lantern City

How far will a person go to protect the ones they love? Discover the answer in Archaia’s new ongoing steam punk comic series entitled, Lantern City Created by Trevor Crafts, Bruce Boxleitner, and Matthew Daley, written by Daley and Paul Jenkins (Fairy Quest), and illustrated by Carlos Magno (RoboCop), Lantern City marks Archaia’s first ongoing[...]

Lantern City – From TV Concept To Archaia Comic Book

Lantern City is not a television show Not yet But Bruce Boxleitner is planning for it to be one As he says...[vimeo][/vimeo]And now it will be a comic book from Archaia, a twelve issue series, and the first such title since The Secret History in 2007.More details to come, as and when.... [...]