Beautiful, Well-Written, And Intense: Lantern City Vol. 1 HC Set To Release This March

Lantern City may be one of the most beautiful, well-written, intense comics I've ever read. From Archaia, written by Paul Jenkins, Matthew Daley & Mairghread Scott, with art by Carlos Magno, Lantern City Vol. 1 HC, is coming to stores this March. I would actually prefer to have read the story in this format. It would have been a less stressful experience to have the first four issues of the series collected together for a nice binge read.

For those of you who don't know, the story follows Sander Jorve who just wants to keep his wife and son safe. Living in the brutalized lower class of Lantern City means living in near-constant darkness, the enormous walls of the city always looming overhead, while the upper class enjoys the elevated, interconnected towers and airships above. When Sander's brother in-law, the persuasive activist Kendal, convinces him to infiltrate the brutal ranks of the Guard, he's set on a dangerous path that will test his abilities and beliefs, all in the name of making a difference for his family and his caste.

If you're looking for an incentive to buy the HC even if you own the single issues, you can use the need for behind-the-scenes concept art and extras as a reason. Lantern City Vol. 1 HC is set to release March 2016.

Seriously guys, look at this cover…beautiful stuff.