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So It's 'Who You Know'. So What? – Lee Barnett Is The Adult In The Room
Lee Barnett writes for Bleeding Cool; "When it comes down to it, it's about who you know, and who's a fan It's about whether you're the right age, whether you're hot or not, whether the studio is into you or not." – Marlee Matlin Reading the headlines in the British newspapers the past twenty-four hours, it's been[...]
The Future Has Stopped Making Sense – Lee Barnett Is The Adult In The Room
Neil Gaimain's blog entry 'George R R Martin is not your bitch'  but only to their contracts, to deliver the best written stories they can. But while any fiction requires suspension of disbelief, in my view it has to maintain an internal integrity; ignoring the social and cultural implications of near future inventions – accurate or[...]
Lee Barnett Is The Adult In The Room – Super Tuesday And Gay Marriage
Lee Barnett writes for Bleeding Cool; "There is quite enough sorrow and shame and suffering and baseness in real life, and there is no need for meeting it unnecessarily in fiction." – Theodore Roosevelt, 1905. While there have been comic book stories (and in Kurt Busiek's Astro City, an entire series) that have attempted to conflate super-heroes and what[...]
The Adult In The Room – A New Column By Lee Barnett
There's no moral, legal or ethical difference in that whether it's a major comic book company or a creator working out of his back room. But somehow, to a proportion of the comics reading public – and to not a few creators as well – it's entirely different if it's a company that owns the intellectual[...]