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Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. I have written before about Marvel's lenticular covers I felt it was wrong how Marvel was forcing stores to order more product than they could sell Marvel has announced changes to ordering their lenticular covers starting next year Starting next year their lenticular covers[...]
Axel Alonso Vs Marvel Comics On Naming The Hulk And Lenticular Variants
You know how those Daily Show pieces that show some politician saying something that then contradicts what they are saying or doing now? You can do it with comic publisher Editor-In-Chiefs as well. Such as Marvel EIC Axel Alonso talking about all the advance solicits covers released for a month of lenticular covers from DC Comics,[...]
DC Comics' 3D Covers Return For September 2014's Five Years Later Event (VISUAL UPDATE)
The 3D lenticular covers used to launch Villains Month And hideously underprinted as China ran out of enough plastic to make them (apparently) leaving retailers heavily allocated and everyone scrabbling to get a 3D cover for Joker's Daughter. Some people got burned. But now… they're back! Announced at DC Day at ComicsPRO Retailer Summit in Atlanta, Georgia,[...]