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American Gods continued its Season 3 profiles (Image: STARZ)
A charming, good-natured leprechaun who used to live the "Lucky Charms – St Paddy's Day" stereotype, Doyle finds himself joining Laura Moon (Emily Browning) on a journey towards a more dignified and honorable existence.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by American Gods US (@americangodsus) Here's a look back at the official trailer for the third season[...]
lucky charms
First up to accept the challenge: Margo Staten, who presents her 70's grindhouse take on Lucky the Leprechaun and his precious Lucky Charms.] Walking through the cereal aisle of our local supermarket, my daughter while having countless options will always gravitate towards the vibrant colors and the enchantment of Lucky Charms From the array of marshmallows,[...]
Leprechaun Returns Poster 2
Leprechaun Returns is coming to digital and On Demand services December 11, and today EW debuted the first trailer and new poster for the film This is a direct sequel to the first film from 1993, starring Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston Davis does not appear in the film, with franchise newcomer Linden Porco instead[...]
Leprechaun Returns Poster
Leprechaun Returns debuts on streaming next month, and while Warwick Davis is no longer the actor under the make-up, the franchise continues Featuring the Leprechaun from the original 1993 film, he returns to menace a sorority house who awakens him at the bottom of the well from the end of that first film Rhymes, jokes,[...]
Killer Klowns Critters Collage
This follows their revival of the Leprechaun series that debuts in March 2019 Both have been dormant fro quite some time, Killer Clowns longer Both are beloved by horror fans for different reasons, and both were notable for their achievements in practical effects at the time of their releases. The Critters film series has seen four[...]
An Honest Trailer For St. Patrick's Day
Patrick's Day film… Leprechaun Yes, the 1993 horror film that starred Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston And shockingly, this franchise has cranked out seven films in all that includes two trips to "The Hood", one into space and an origin story. [youtube]https://youtu.be/GzgjsTzwlU4[/youtube] Since today is the day of Irish cliches, the folks at Screen Junkies decided to[...]
Now Is The Time To Buy Lots Of Horror Blu-ray And DVD Box-Sets
It's definitely a mixed bag but there are some good films for an all night Hallowe'en marathon in amongst the more questionable titles. Here's the list of box-sets discounted (including the current prices as I'm writing this), followed by some thoughts on the sets. Scream (1-3 + 2 documentaries) Blu-ray set – $14.49 42% off Scream (1-3) DVD[...]